Mountain number five, A lot of people would disagree but i really like big white and all the powder and there hidden runs and there is a lot of lifts. It is a big awesome mountain that has a really nice culture.

Mountain number 4, I really like silver star and even more so for mtb. But this is fourth mostly for its terrain, its smooth and long this is an extremely big mountain. Filled with powder and steep runs.

Mountain number 3, sun peaks this is a very big mountain that is cold and gets a lot of snow. It is also very steep making for hard refrain and good jumps and drops, and there park is very nice.

Mountain number 2, Panorama has extreme terrain and a big area, and there lines are amazing as well it is a very nice mountain. It also has 5 amazing parks with massive jumps.

Mountain number 1, I shouldn’t have to say much its whistler the biggest ski resort in Canada and its even on top 5 for the world very awesome mountain. There snow is awesome and there is so many chairlifts if there is one thing i would change is how many people go to it.

I picked this topic because I know a lot about these things and I really like them. I also think people could appreciate this information. It is also easy to do I know a lot of people will disagree but its what I think. 

How to: do a rail on skis, first your going to focus on being loos and leaning forward, second your going to find a easy thin rail PVC tubes work very well step 3, practice going to 90 degrees and back on a box it will be much easier. Step 4 don’t overthink it and jump to 90 and roll of don’t over think it.