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January 2023

My mPol

My radical project on the renaissance

  How I made it: I used an app called super impose and added pictures and edited them to look good, there was many mistakes along the way.   what I learned: I learned how to use super impose and… Continue Reading →

My book

About me: I am 13 years old and I am bad at drawing, drawing is fun but hard and when I had to make this I was happy. I go to seycove secondary and I love sports. That’s just some… Continue Reading →


Even though I could not attend the winter exhibition i still did parts of it like: The Pandora’s box: I painted my box and I focused on showing racism and how the movie Avatar showcases racism. Learning about what has… Continue Reading →

Middle ages

1.You could ask people around you and ask variety,  2.        1, they had the power and money to travel and get an education  2, they had the time to see the world, while surfs had to work… Continue Reading →

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