1.You could ask people around you and ask variety, 

2.        1, they had the power and money to travel and get an education 

2, they had the time to see the world, while surfs had to work all day

3, they had people who could tell them stuff 

3. It gives us the information we need and it is very neat it is a secondary source it could have been fake or different then it would have been. 


People thought that they might be a better life and priest would go there to set up a church. The children Adan wife’s off the solder might want to  with them

Q: What do these works of art suggest about neach society?

A:these painting were largely religious based 

Q:Christian’s and biziantines 

A: As a threat to their power 

Q:Christian in England 

A: they saw it as a mystical place

Q:The pope urban

A: they were both using Jerusalem as a religious place to help motivate their army 

Q:Ali Izz al din inn al-att

A: they were both marketing going to war as a way to make money 

Q:artist perpective 

A: they were showing the flag prominently as a way to show their love for their king 

Q:muslim leader and authors view 

A: he saw them as a disgrace to god

Q:Salah al din victory 

A: the muslims were happy cause they could pray to god from the holy city and the Christian’s were mad that they couldn’t