My “Geek Out” Blog reflection

Geek Out Blog reflection

My reflection on my blogs is overall positive. I enjoyed learning about the history of skiing, and showing it to other people as well as what skiing is. I always enjoy writing, especially when it is about a topic that interests me, and so writing it went smoothly.

Probably the hardest part for me for this blog, was getting proper visual aids, because I had to trace an image as it was copywrited. It was difficult in general to find competent pictures off of non copy write spaces like Unsplash.

The easiest part for me was just writing the blog. Since I already knew a lot about skiing, all I had to do was do a little research on the history of skiing, and write it in my own words. I feel like this reflection blog is put apart from the other blogs, because it is less based for public, although it will still be, and more for schoolwork and showing my peers and teachers my process. I loved the idea of a “geek out” blog, and it further interests me to write about things like this on my own time!

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