The renaissance

Above is my triptych final draft, and below is a slideshow that contains my progress of drafts leading up to the final one. My final draft contains all three panels together, as well as links to my notes to support my ideas.

  • Draft one of my triptych, done on Sketch’s Pro
Thesis: So how did ideas from Europe and Asia change our world? Ideas from Europe and Asia changed the world by opening the broadened understanding of our world and each other, opening a whole world of critical and creative thinking, and giving people the power to create new ideas that undermined the church and old knowledge and tradition. 1. Left Panel: New ideas and innovations in the Renaissance changed the Renaissance world because these ideas and innovations brought new inventions that helped people in many different ways. Some of these inventions include the lense, steam engine, printing press, mechanical clock and many medical innovations. Many new ideas were also introduced at this time, such as new ideas surrounding the natural world, which would undermine the church’s authority and old knowledge. These knewfound ideas that the church wasn’t always right turned a bunch of mindless sheep into people with critical and creative thinking. 2. Right Panel: Traditional ideas and inventions that people had and used before the Renaissance were usually improved on and ultamately discarded, but some of them are still used today such as the candle and many formed of agriculture and farming. To be less specific, the time before the Renaissance possessed few ideas, and fewer worth keeping. Many of them were made up by the church, used to reinforce the church’s power, and to explain things we simply didnt know. Ideas from the Renaissance brought new ways of critical thinking along with art, freedom of thinking and lots of new ideas that undermined the church, and old ideas. 3. New ideas from the Renaissence still are present today, and have been built and improved on for decades until they are what we see today. The lense, was an invention originally made for eyeglasses, and is still used for this, but was also used to broaden our perspective and knowledge of our world by magnifying things both small and big, and are the telescope and microscope. Many other examples can be made, but the main point is that the Renaissence was a pivotal point for revolutionary inventions that heavily impact today’s modern society. Conclusion: Ideas from Europe and Asia ultamately changed the world because they created a broadened worldview and understanding of our world, which from there critical and creative thinking was developed, and new ideas and thoughts undermining old ideas flourished to the point where it ultamately benefited the human race, and led it into an era of rapid growth. These ideas are still existent and relevant in todays modern world and have influenced it.


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