Who am I as a PLP Learner

For this PLP post I will be saying some things I learned about me as a learner during PLP projects so far. From a WordPack activity we used I am statements and I learned that I have many skills and some of them can be used for the PLP program while others can be used for out of school activities. photographic evidence below.

The next piece of evidence is from a project called laptop Memoji it is supposed to show my skills in keynote and showcasing personality. I think It showcases my personality quite well The cockroach apple is because apples taste great, cockroaches are interesting, the Amogus because among us is still relevant, the cat profile picture because it is my discord picture, the golden toilet because I want a golden toilet, the mouse because I want a pet mouse, and a banana duck because they are amazing.

For my second to last piece of evidence I will show my bucket list which is supposed to show what I want to do later in life and stuff. I think it shows that I  will learn how to do certain things and try my best at what I will do to achieve my goals.

Last item. This is a digital selfie it uses an I statement from the WordPack thing I think this shows I am ready to learn something.

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