Winter Exhibition

I had my first exhibition in plp on December 16th and it was hard. I think the main reason the exhibition was hard is because it took most people a long time to set up the rooms, the reason it took so long is because most of the rooms still had stuff in them so you had to put sheets and black paper over the walls.There was also a lot of stuff inside the room that we had to move. Each room was supposed to have an activity and some food based on the theme of your room, a lot of people didn’t have an activity, most people made the food related to the room. Another reason it was hard is because some people didn’t help with the set up of the room.

For my project I had to create a box that was based off the driving question which is What does James Cameron’s fantasy world of “Avatar” reveal about our own society? Then we had to pick themes out of the movie Avatar and I chose corporate greed. Making the actual box wasn’t that hard it was more making a theme statement out of the theme and driving question. I think my theme statement is good maybe you will to. Some corporations do not care at all what happens to their employees as long as they make a profit.

once your theme statement got the okay you could start on your box and project journal where you keep track of everything you did, here are some slides in mine. That is all hope you enjoyed and thank you for reading!

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