What is my goal for this year in Maker? How can I achieve said goal? Keep reading to find out.

Our goal in Maker 9, is to learn about moviemaking. But, how do we effectively set, follow, and achieve goals. Our first project explored how to be be a goal getter. We also learned about how to make an effective films. The project was called Vibrant Videos. In this project we read a book titled What Do You Really Want? The book taught us about goals and how to achieve them. We used our knowledge of goal setting to create three videos.

At the start of the project, we downloaded the book What Do You Really Want, by Beverly K Bachel. When reading the book, we followed its many activities through personal goal trackers. The first chapter posed the question, “what are your goals?” We added work to our goal tracker and completed an assignment called What Inspires Me?

Along with this, we learned about moviemaking. We learned about the history, and how it evolved. We also learned how to use software such as Clips and iMovie to create videos. We used this knowledge to turn our What Inspires Me? sheet into a video. This is my video:

The next chapter in the book focused on how to set goals. We learned about SMART, an acronym about what an effective goal should look like. The acronym means: Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Timed. We then took a SMART goal, and created a goal ladder to lay out our goals. This is mine:

At this time, we learned about shots and angles. We were going to create videos in the style of old silent films in groups utilizing the angles we learned about. These showcase a time we set a goal and achieved it. I was unfortunately away during this time, but this is a script I created:

The third part of the book focused on how to stay on track through methods such as goal partners, rewards, or role models.

For our third video, we learned about how to effectively plan for a video using storyboards, longlines, and treatments. We then worked with a group to make a how to video about goals. My group was Susan and Ronan. This is our video about how to set goals:

Unfortunately, due to some interruptions by our recent humanities project (The Power of Geography), we did not get to do the fourth part of the assignment about celebrating successes. Instead, we finished the project with a viewing party to watch some of the videos.

This project taught me all about how to set, follow, and achieve goals. Some of the concepts I have learned will likely be utilized in my future life. Setting goals will be a great way to find success in life. I have also learned a lot about movie making, a topic that I am quite interested in. For the rest of the year, I will continue use and develop these skills. It is my goal to create successful films for the rest of my filmmaking days.