TPOL 2020

Welcome to my 2020 TPOL! It’s been quite the year, a lot has happened both in school and in the world. From COVID-19 to a good old PLP Field School Trip, 2020 has been nothing if not eventful. Welcome to my 2020 School Year’s very own recap with a twist. I’ve picked out three main […]

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MPOL 2020

—September 2019— The Atomic Bomb: In the 1940’s the first atomic bomb was introduced to the world via bombings in the second world war in Nagasaki and Hiroshima. We learnt all about it in the project known to us as “The Manhattan Project^2”. In this project we learnt all about the history of the atom […]

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The Doors (TPOL)

“BrUH” That just about sums up the year, thanks for reading! Nah just kidding. I actually had a really interesting, educational, and growth filled year this year. From podcasts to DI to PGP, this year was extremely effective in growing both academically and personally.   [GREATEST GROWTH] An example of my greatest growth this year […]

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MPoLs ‘19

“Have pride in how far you’ve come and faith in how far you can go” There’s a medium sized line between being selfish and caring for yourself. And in the year of 2019 I plan on caring for myself. Life is short I guess, and I want to be the bestest me I can be. […]

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