Fun With Emojis!

This photo may look very simple and an amateur photoshop job but trust me it has a bit of backstory. The big part of the challenge today was picking randomly generated emojis and making a story or art piece out of it. I chose to make some art but to be honest the photos were very hard to make because of the emojis that were randomly chosen. I reset the generator hundreds of times but then I kind of gave up. I did one last time and dealt with it. I saw the devil and angel emojis and that gave me an idea. Bart to other people is a nice little kid but inside where nobody can see he is a little devil. Nobody can see the bottom of the skateboard so thats why I put the devils there. I put the angles on the end because you can see there. I also put the happy emoji on his head so you can tell he is having a good time riding his skateboard. I put his favourite desert ice-cream on his shoes, because he came straight from his house eating ice cream and stepped on it when he got told his skateboard was fixed, now its stuck on his shoes. This may be confusing and a bit silly but thats just how I am.

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