In math, we’ve been learning about graphing linear equations and such. So to demonstrate our learning in a project, we had to create a ‘road trip’. We used a package of worksheets, but a lot of the rules for that were changed.

Anyways, for the rest of this post, I will be talking about the road trip as if I actually went on it. Don’t get confused though. I did not actually do any of these things.

When I first got the letter from MTV, I was ecstatic. It’s a once in a lifetime chance to get to go on a road trip like this. $10000 is a lot of money. And harder to spend than you’d think. Especially when I won an extra $8000. So I started with the basics.

Food is tricky. Three meals a day. I decided to bring my friend Emma, so double all the food. I decided to make it simple. For breakfast, we’d have a cup of applesauce. Lunch is Mr. Noodles. Finally, for dinner, a pita with cheese. Water I can put in a water bottle. Per day, that’s $6.

Parking lots are fun. A lot of parking lots have overnight parking. That’s where I sleep. Only a few times I had to sleep on the side of the road.

We had to cost out luggage. I chose duffle bags for us, so that was $150.

The linear equation for all that was- Y= 6x + 150

We had to rent cars for the trip. I decided to rent a Honda Prius. This was because it made sense with my amount of passengers and our ability to sleep in the car. To rent the vehicle was $34 a day.

This was the most difficult part. I had to figure out where to go. So of course, I looked to one of my favourite book series, Heros of Olympus. I chose the route that Percy, Hazel and Frank took in ‘The Son of Neptune’. With a little twist that I’ll get to later.

Anyways, the places they ventured would be to far to travel in one day. So I decided to stretch it out a little bit, staying in places along the route. My final destinations were as follows.

New York City, Long Island, Leeds Point, Columbus, St. Louis, Kansas City, Denver, Cedar city, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Santa Monica beach, Berkeley, Alameda, Mendocino, Canyonville, Portland, Seattle, Vancouver, Prince George, Kitwang, Terry lake, Destruction bay, Chickaloon, Anchorage, Seward, Chickaloon, Destruction bay, Lower post, Fort St. John, Edmonton, Stoughton, Collegeville, Rockford, Chattanooga, Orlando, Dunn, NYC

Most of these places were in the book, except after Seward. Then I had to venture back down to NYC. On the way though, I needed to spend money. Lots and lots of money. So I decided to stop in Disney World. And stay in a hotel. For 11 days. TO MUCH MONEY!!!!

So, yeah. Small rant. Moving on.

The total distance of this was 12730.95 Miles. Time, 245 hours. So the driving part of the trip took only 27 days, but because of my large spending spree, the entire trip took 38 days.

Ugh. This was a pain. MTV had a deal with gas stations along our trip that the gas would always cost $2.80/gallon. Then, taking into consideration the mileage, yada yada yada.

The liner equation for all that was- Y = 34x + 744

Once I did all that, I had several thousand dollars left. So I decided to do what any normal person would do. Buy 7 corgis. In honour of the trip, their names are Percy, Annabeth, Hazel, Frank, Leo, Piper and Jason.

Taking all that into consideration, I had to change a bit the first linear equation, because of dog accoutrements. It changed to- Y = 13.89x + 456. Also the equation changed when I was sleeping in a hotel. For those 11 days, that changed to Y = 662.49x + 456

My total trip cost ended up being $18182.12, which went over our limit.

So I had to turn to sponsorships.

Coca Cola, Pepsi, and Snapple all were offered ‘product placement deals’ on these shows. Pretty much, if you show their product on your road trip, they’d pay you. Each one had different offers, that worked to people’s advantages.

Coca Cola- Y = 6x + 104

Pepsi- Y = 10x + 60

Snapple- Y = 22x – 228

For a shorter trip, Coca Cola would work to your advantage, while on a very long trip Snapple would. Pepsi is just in the middle. For my trip, I chose Snapple, earning myself $608.

I still had $422.88, so I bought patches.