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We Are Witnessing History

Hello! Welcome back to my wonderful and lovely and wonderful blog. Today I am going to be telling you allllllll about our latest Maker Project………..Witness to History! Yay! *insert trumpets here*

As you probably know, (I am actually concerned if you don’t know) we are living in the middle of COVID 19. We have all had to adapt to living life differently. our Maker project was all about that. We had to answer the driving question:

How can we, as photojournalists, tell stories of our community during this period of physical distancing?

We were tasked with creating a photo essay in Book Creator, an app that makes books. We had to, as the driving question says, tell a story of our community during this period of physical distancing.

Let’s start by looking at 2 of the Milestones and Stepping Stones that I found helped me with my final project!

For this Milestone, we had two things to do. The Need to Knows, and our Launch Activities. For the Need to Knows, we had to download a Numbers document and put any questions we had about the Process, Content, or Product of this project.

Need to Knows

Then, we had the Launch Activities! These were super fun to do! We had two challenges; Everyday Objects and Portraits. For Everyday Objects, we had to come up with a theme for a photo walk and then take those photos. My theme was Sparkle. For Portraits, we had to take self portraits using at least 4 different angles.



For this Milestone, we made a story board! We had to lay out the shots that we were planning to take. I found it interesting how for some of my photos, I stuck to my storyboard, and for some of them, I did something completely different.


Okay! Now that you have seen two of the Milestones, here is the actually finished project! I hope you enjoy it!

Lynn Valley: How Has It Been Affected?

Bye for now!

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