Tortoise Party of Canada

Two weeks ago I learned more about the Canadian government and how it functions. Learning about this helped me to start building my own view on how I think the government should work and what my political beliefs are, I wrote about some of it here. Those views and ideas is what I brought into to political party I created this past week. We talked all about what we believe in as a collective and how we can come together to form a unified party. For my group, this was more of a struggle, as a lot of us have different views on things. However, I think this is part of what makes our party unique, all of our different views come together and give us a better insight into what every Canadian wants for their country. 

Tortoise party

Our political party is called the Tortoise Party. It is made up of five people, Ryan, Dries, Randy, Ethan, and myself. Our party focuses on the growth of the economy, and the well being of the environment. We feel these should be able to thrive simultaneously, and not negatively impact other other.  In order to achieve this we plan to change the price of taxes, create a semi-free market, and use cleaner energy.

We are here to achieve our goals, not just tell you about them. I’ve said how we are going to change the price of taxes. We understand that means different things for different groups of people. The mid and lower class will have their taxes lowered in different amounts, while the upper class, including large corporations will have their taxes raised. We plan on selling some of our natural gas to other countries, so as a party we’re helping Canada and other parts of the world become greener and more sustainable.

As for our economy, we will put in place a semi-free market, meaning for the most part it will be a free market. At a certain point we will have the government intervene only when necessary for the greater good of the people. We feel the economy should be able to grow and thrive on its own. 

We believe in freedom of speech and we are here to listen to you, the people. Our diverse set of views will help us consider all possible solutions and opinions on the matter. We are here to work together for you and support all Canadians in building a brighter future.

Our party is here to represent all Canadians, vote Tortoise.