It was a lovely morning.

The sun was shining brightly outside her window as she picked up her iPad to write. Her left hand held a delightful scone while her free fingers hovered above the keyboard to type.

The Inception soundtrack rang softly in her ears, inspiring her to continue on.

And… she wrote a stupid introductory paragraph that doesn’t make any sense, but she decided to keep it anyway.

Hello there everyone and welcome to another blog post! As you can see, I got… creative and experimental with the introduction (mostly because I felt like writing in 3rd person and describing delicious scones.)

Anyways, we’re at the end of the quarter/project, and it’s time for another reflection.

As you can see from the video above, for this project, we were tasked with creating an infographic based on European settlement and what it meant for all the people involved. We also had to include and learn about what continuity and change means in a historic context.

Through this, we’ve discovered how to better understand our Canadian past and the tales behind this land through continuity and change. We’ve also learned the importance of using valid evidence/information and citing it.

This project was originally assigned to be done with partners. However, my partner, Claire, was sick during most of it, so we had to do it separately.

Click here for her blog! I recommend you go check it out!

As always, I’ve learned a lot about Canadian history, and I can’t wait to share my new experiences with you!

Before tackling New France, we learned about our own local area, Deep Cove… or rather, Deep Water.

We scratched the surface of the competencies of this project, and applied them to Deep Cove’s interesting past. Searching for continuities and changes, we would look around our school and try to imagine what it would have been like 100 years ago.

Instead of writing in the classroom, which is obviously b-o-r-i-n-g on such a sunny day, we got to find a place around the school property and start writing there. I propped myself near the entrance of the school, and typed away.

I really enjoyed this first milestone/activity since it inspired me to actually think about how all these changes overtime affect my personal life. It’s strange to imagine that without all this colonization and change, I most likely wouldn’t exist.

However, as I looked more around, there are still some things that have managed to stay constant through the century.

In the end, Milestone 1 really got me thinking about the world around me and the events that have lead up to this very moment.

Well… I didn’t mean to write this much about one milestone, but I felt like this really helped me understand the concepts of continuity and change.

Anyways, check out my milestone one here…

To prepare for Milestone 2, we learned about the European settlement in New France, and across eastern Canada. One of the most memorial activities is when we attempted to re-enact the Fur Trade through a simulation.

From it, I’ve discovered the processes of the Fur Trade, and the difficulties of communication/trade in the past. It’s quite hard to imagine what it would be like to live in a place with such uncertainty and instability.

We also read some things from Basecamp and watched a video on Samuel De Champlain’s conquest for colonization in the New World.

For milestone 2, we created a chart full of continuities and changes for certain events/ideals in the past (and present).

Here’s mine…

Later on, using the knowledge we’ve gained from collecting notes over the past couple of days, we all decided on the facts + graphics we’ll use in the infographic.

Overtime, through critique and assessment, some of these facts/graphics would eventually change a bit. However, in the end, they pretty much stayed the same.


Hooray 🎉

Personally, my favourite part of this infographic is my graphics since I really tried to stick alongside the original template and replicate the artist’s style/colours. In particular, my favourite has to be either the hands (which I changed to make it look like one was holding on to the other) or the rings.

As you know from the video at the beginning of this post, we also had to create a video where we could explain our infographic (which is attached to the QR code on the infographic.)

If you didn’t check it out before, here it is again..

For our final milestone, we got to hang up our completed, printed infographic somewhere around the school. Here’s some photos…


Yeah, I look pretty tired in the last photo~ Sigh, Mondays….

BTW, a special thanks to my classmate, Colton, who took the picture for me. Go check out his blog here

I believe I’m at least at an accomplished level of understanding with this competency. I’ve learned this competency through many activities such as connecting Deep Cove’s heritage with the present through continuities and personal connections. Also, I’ve tried to use it in other assignments such as the Fur Trade simulation where I reflected on how trade has changed and remained similar overtime.

I understand how to decide if my historical conclusion is accurate through evidence, and I believe that I’m at an accomplished level of understanding with this competency as well. I created a “sophisticated thesis of big ideas behind the Fur Trade and European settlement” and included 4 sources within my infographic.

I believe that European settlement created changes for everyone involved, and they all had to adapt with the times to continue thriving in such a society. Some changes include being apart/dependant on the Fur Trade and creating alliances with other groups in order to survive. There are also many continuities, such as supply and demand, that continue to affect our modern day society, as well as in the past.

In conclusion, European settlement may have changed many things in the involved communities’ lives. However, the human motives behind historic events like the Fur Trade continue to thrive into the future.

Anyways… summer’s coming up soon, and I have no plans whatsoever due to Covid. What are you guys doing? Comment them in the section of this post! 

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