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We have a new group of student bloggers this year. Thanks to Sydney, Diba, Sarah, Cameron, and Oliver, we have restarted the Cleveland Elementary Blog.

These grade 7 students will be working with me to promote blogging from all students. We are developing plans to students from other grades in our blogging team.

For Cleveland students, if you have a blog idea, please feel free to email your principal or ask one of the five grade 7′s listed above. They are in divisions F01 or F02.

For Cleveland parents, please feel free to make suggestions about blogs. Our students would love ideas.

Our blog is one of the many ways we are trying connect with our Cleveland community. You can also check us out on Twitter – @ClevelandEcole, @dwbeveridge, @leslie_mcguire.

Have a  great weekend.

Take care

Today we held our first emergency drill of the year. Even though this is Shakeout BC day, I decided we needed to have a fire drill instead.

All went well. Students demonstrated excellent behaviours, and all members of the school community were accounted for in record time. Well done Cleveland.

We will continue to have emergency drills throughout the year, and thanks to our Cleveland PAC, we have supplies available to help out in the event of a real emergency.

We’re prepared for fires and earthquakes. How about you at home?

Take care

Rainy Days

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IMG_20140308_185405It rained a bit today. The students went outside and many had a great time. I was recently sent the following link to how I think  we should approach our rainy days.

Sweet Baby Experiences Rain for the Very First Time

Please remember to send your children to school with proper clothing. If it doesn’t come home, please remember to check our Lost and Found. There are a lot of lonely hoodies there.

Take care

I am in the middle of a very busy day. At the moment it feels a bit like the calm before the afternoon storm.

We started off the day in a frantic manner to get ready for the Terry Fox Assembly. The technology was acting up and we were being “helped” by a number of energetic grade 7 students. Eventually we got everything set up and we were ready for the whole school to come down to the gym.

It was a wonderful assembly. The students were an awesome audience, and our guest speaker, Darrell Fox, shared some stories and had everyone’s undivided attention. I will share more about about Darrel’s talk in a later post.

Our grade 7 speakers were wonderful as well. Thanks

This morning the North Shore Harvest Project picked up all the food donations that our generous community brought to the front hall.  The volunteers from the Harvest Project were very thankful for all our donations. Well done Cleveland.

This afternoon we will be participating in our annual Terry Fox Run. The intermediate grades (grades 4 – 7) will be running 3.1 km, and the primary classes (grades 1-3) will be running 1.5 km. Our youngest students, those in Kindergarten, will be running around the lower field.

Pizza update #3 – I now have a meeting scheduled with the petitioners.

Take care

Shoes Everywhere

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photoWhen you come visit Cleveland, you will find a wall of shoes. Our music and performing arts teacher has been working with all students in setting goals and committing to that goal. Each child was given a shoe on which they would write their goal and decorate. Thanks to a number of children from a variety of classes and Mr. Lebrun, we now have some great reads all over the front hallway.


Pizza Update – The petition students have come forward (see Oct 8 post). I received the petition yesterday in a decorated red duo tang. Four students signed their name to the petition. There was a cover letter and a couple of pages of signatures. I did not get the chance to follow up with them today, but I will try to set a meeting time with them soon. I will keep you posted.

Take care

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