I have one more week to hang out with the dragonflies and other Denman Island creatures. My days are spent chopping wood, taking photos, reading books and playing the guitar. It has been an excellent summer.

I am not sure what to expect when I get back to the office (August 25th). Will there be a settlement? Will the strike still be on? Like everyone else, I will have to wait and see.

I hope everyone enjoys the rest of the summer. See you soon.

Take care

Summer time is a wonderful time of year for me. I get to live outdoors for 7 weeks, and recharge by unplugging. I spend time playing guitar, taking photos, chopping wood, reading books and cutting the grass.

It is hard to live outdoors today here on Denman Island. The rain is pouring down. I have moved into the Koffee Kaltch (a local coffee shop) and am waiting for the rain to lighten up. I settled in with a couple of cups of coffee and a cranberry/almond muffin.

I won’t complain about the rain. There are many plants that are probably enjoying this downpour. Local wells will probably benefit from more ground water.

I have no photos of the rain today (don’t want my camera to get wet), but here are some from my summer so far.

Take care

Yesterday was our last official day for students to be at school during the  2013/2014 school year. It passed rather quietly. The halls of the school were dark and silent, as they are today.

Elementary schools are not very interesting when there are no students or staff. There are still a number of jobs that need to get done, but many of the jobs cannot be completed until we have staff around.

I have been very reluctant to write any blogs this week. I was not really able to get my head around how to write about the strike, so I have remained silent.

I found the mindset to write today.

During any strike action, principals and vice-principals in North Vancouver schools still report to work. The buildings are quiet and empty, but we manage to keep ourselves busy.

Tgarden June 26hese past few days we have assisted with the articulation of High School exams. Mrs. McGuire (vice-principal) is working with other administrators today marking those exams.

Watering the courtyard has been a welcome distraction. The garden and other new plants seem to be doing well. I enjoyed the raspberries and strawberries that have grown so far.

The highlight of the week was most definitely the Grade 7 Farewell at St. Catherine’s Church. It was so wonderful to see our grade 7s again, as well as the grade 6 students who helped with serving at the social after the Farewell ceremony. Thanks to all the adults who helped make the Farewell a special event.

There is still some work to do. I will be posting some information to the web site soon about school supplies, and I have a newsletter to write.

If we do not cross paths prior to the end of June, have a wonderful summer.

Take care

We have started Bike Week, and there are already many happy faces. Four classes started riding today. Helmets were worn, and bikes were in good shape.

Are you ready for summer bike riding?

Thanks to all the wonderful parent volunteers and staff members who have organized this event, and who are helping things run smoothly for everyone.

There were over 240 students who rode their bikes to school today. That is better that 50%. Wow!!!

Take care

Tomorrow, North Vancouver schools will be closed. In case you missed it, I am sharing the letter that went home to parents from the North Vancouver Superintendent.

Please refer to the North Vancouver School District web site (www4.nvsd44.bc.ca) for the latest information regarding school openings.

Thanks and take care


May 29, 2014 – BCTF Rotating Strike Action

Schools are not in session on Thursday, May 29th due to BCTF Rotating Strike Action - Letter to all North Vancouver School District Parents and Guardians on May 20, 2014:

As you may be aware, the British Columbia Teachers’ Federation announced this morning a series of rotating, one-day strikes to occur throughout the province next week. The BCTF’s decision reflects an escalation in their job action related to teacher contract bargaining.

The Teachers’ Federation has directed its members in our school district to conduct their one-day strike activity in North Vancouver on Thursday, May 29th.

While both parties will continue to negotiate between now and May 29th, we are advising all parents and guardians to fully expect that school will not be in session on May 29th. Please plan to make alternate arrangements for your child/children on that day. Should there be any changes to this plan for closure, we will communicate them to you as soon as they are confirmed.

We deeply regret any inconvenience this may cause you and your family and continue to hope for a positive resolution between the Province and the BCTF to the current situation.


John Lewis
Superintendent of Schools

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