Gold Rush ⛏

It’s been a while so welcome back to the first blogpost of the year, we picked up right we left off last year with the B.C gold rush. We continued on from a grade 9 project because we ended up stopping mid way through, no clue why.

We started this project just like any other PLP project, with a lot of research and notes. We looked into several websites like Canadian Encyclopedia and British Columbia Untold History, as well as documentaries and articles. We looked at all of these for around 1-2 weeks before we began our real work. We learnt about what it was like in the life of a gold prospector in B.C, migration patterns of emigrants into B.C and conflicts between the indigenous peoples and the miners.

After we finished research, we were assigned to conduct further research on a group of immigrants who came to BC for the gold rush. I was assigned to research European immigrants, this topic was quite broad so I narrowed it down a bit to European HBC workers in B.C during the gold rush, this helped me get a lot more information on this group of people.

A link to my research

After we made our research document in Craft (A new platform we started to use) we began to work on our character cards for our story. I made my British character named John Smithers, I chose this name because it was the first stereotypical white name I could think of.

Finally it was time to start our final part of this project the historical accurate story on your character. I put together everything I knew about the gold rush and how Europeans played a role in it and created a short story. My story wasn’t solely on the gold rush it was more about the conflicts between the HBC a British owned company and the indigenous people of the Nlaka’pamux nation.

My story

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