Five Trends Videos 🎥

Five Trends Videos 🎥

Welcome back to my blog. Today’s post is about our most recent maker project which we completed during our trip to DisneyWorld and the Kennedy Space Centre. This project was all about making trend TikToks during our time travelling to Disney, at Disney and at the Kennedy Space Centre. The driving question was “How do I make effective personal design choices?”I found from going through this project that I can do this by planning out, researching and prototyping what my final videos will look like by using technology like Things for planning, Craft for researching, and CapCut for making prototypes.

Investigation 1

The first part of the project was working on a Personal Productivity System. This was basically just cleaning up our iPads, using them more effectively and setting up our Things and Calendar. All this preparation was for our trip because we would have to be very organized as we only had one chance for a lot of our shots.

This is what my Trend Video section in things looks like:


Investigation 2

The second part of this project was researching and planning our TikToks. We had examples given to us from the teachers of some trends we could use for our videos or we could find our own trends that interest us and could use those. The only requirements were that at least 3 of your videos had to be individual videos and at most 2 of your videos could be group videos or “squad videos”.

Heres the link to my Craft research document


Investigation 3

In the final part of our preparation phase we had create our prototypes for our videos. We did to insure that the video would be smooth and watchable and just to see what we needed to fix and improve. My prototypes were very rough draft and I had to revise multiple times

Travel cinematic: Travel Prototype It was a short fast paced travel cinematic of travelling to Disney. I felt like this was my most prepared draft as the first part of the video which was filmed I could use in my final draft, all I needed to do was film my own shots for the plane lifting off, mid flight and landing.

Dinner at Boma review: Boma Prototype This was one of my first FAILS in the project, all was going well through the project our prototype showed our exact plan but our group was unorganized with the specifics like who was going to do voice overs or who was filming, etc. When the time came, we decided as a class that we weren’t going to go to Dinner at Boma, we had to totally shift gears and change our entire video idea. I’m the end I had to make due with the film I got as it was the last day at Disney, I ended up making a individual Orlando Photo Recap with photos me and my friends have taken throughout the trip. I’m happy I was able to completely change my whole idea and all that planning in that quick of a time and it become quite a good video.

What I eat in a day at Blizzard Beach: Blizzard Beach prototype  This was one of my prototypes that I had to change a lot as I went through the filming process. I had to completely disregard the meals I chose I was going to eat in my prototype and chose different meals as at the time my stomach was really bugging me and k thought I could’ve been celiac (allergic to gluten). The overall video structure was pretty similar but I changed the content.

Day in the Life at EPCOT prototype:Day in the Life prototype My prototype was just day in the life at Disney, at this time I wasn’t sure where any thing in Disney was or what we could even do in a day. To be completely honest I was very disorganized with the entire trip. As the trip went on I realized that I needed to specify what park I was doing as we ended up going to a different park each day. I settled on doing what I did in a day at EPCOT and filmed everything we did in that day so I had a lot of footage to work with. I ended up making a vlog type video where I voiced over and described what rides I did that day and the food I ate.

Room Tour prototype:Room Tour prototype   This was probably the most accurate prototype that me and my group made, we followed the storyboard and layout of prototype fairly well and our final video resembled the prototype enough to where you could see what the final video was based on.

Investigation 4

Finally we were in Disney and it was time to film our final drafts! Right away I began to gather footage straight away, I had to make sure I didn’t miss any shots or it would be a pain to edit. My group and I did end up getting distracted with our room tour and we had to film it on the last day, although we got it done it was very rushed and it could of turned out better.

Here is all my completed trend videos

After final video fixes 

After rewatching my vlogging videos a couple of times I noticed something was missing. I couldn’t quite figure out what that could’ve been, maybe it was how loud the background music was or if the transitions were smooth enough. I tried plenty of different ideas while editing but nothing really sparked my attention, until I saw a couple of my classmate’s Trend Videos and I noticed that they had captions of their voiceovers. I found that having captions completely changed my videos as before there was nothing on the screen except for the B-roll and footage and honestly it looked a tad bit boring, adding these subtitles made by videos a lot more watchable and overall improved them

What I eat in a day at Blizzard Beach with captions:

Day in the Life at EPCOT with captions: 


In conclusion, creating trend TikToks at DisneyWorld was a challenging but rewarding experience. Through investigating personal productivity systems, researching and planning our TikToks, and creating prototypes, I learned the importance of preparation and revision in creating effective personal design choices. By utilizing technology like Things, Craft, and CapCut, I was able to plan out, research, and prototype my videos, ultimately leading to successful final drafts. It is evident that revision is a crucial step in the creative process, as seen in the revisions made to my prototypes before finalizing my videos. Overall, this project was a great learning experience and showed me the value of being organized and prepared when creating content.

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