Hello!!! I’m Erin! Welcome to my blog. This is a post about our last unit in maker and humanities. This unit was mainly based on nationalism and video making. There were 10 milestones which is a lot. I will explain and share my learning in this post. I am apart of a program at school called PLP. PLP is a project and technology based fun way of learning. We made a video every single week. We related every video to nationalism. If you would like to see any of my videos then here is the link to my YouTube channel. I hope you enjoy this post!


Driving question!!!

To start of this post here is the driving question. How can an understanding of nationalism help us understand today? What’s my answer to this? It definitely took me some time to think about but after gaining all of this knowledge I think I’m finally there. My answer is nationalism is everywhere wether you notice it or not. Every story, every news article nationalism is apart of it. By understanding the meaning of nationalism we can understand why things happen.

Video 1!!!


For our fist video of this project we conducted an interview. We were to film an interview with our parents about nationalism. I interviewed my mum. In order to interview our parents about nationalism we needed to understand it ourselves. We read a lot out of a textbook, and watched some videos to fully grasp our understanding. Nationalism. The feeling of belonging to a country or nation. I wouldn’t say this video was a complete success. The audio was very bad as my water tank in my house was really loud. That’s ok though because I knew for next time that I shouldn’t film near it.

Empowered Learner!

How might I use technology to construct knowledge? I showed empowered learning by using the web to search and gain information on subjects. I made sure to use reliable sources and to check my information.

Evidence Resource!

Have I found diverse sources and evaluated them for their relevance, accuracy, and reliability? Yes. I feel I accomplished this very well. I used websites and textbooks that I knew were reliable along with checking my facts.

Movie Planner!!!

Something that was new was that we had a Numbers planner doc. Every week or every time we went to start a new video we would download the document to store all of our information. It’s was very organized and helped us a lot. It had different tabs for different things. In the Know Your Story tab there were different boxes we had to sill out with information. For our screenplay tab we would add a picture of the screenplay we created. We would also add a screenshot for our storyboard tab. This doc was great as it kept all our information in one area.

Video 2!!!

For our second video we made an anamatic! I really enjoyed making this video as it was all drawings and animations. The animatic was about The Crimean War. I really enjoyed this topic. I used Keynote for all of my drawings and animations and then took it to iMovie to finalize it. I think the final project turned out really cool. An anamatic is very time consuming as you do have to draw all of the small details. Here is the link to that specific video!

Designing Text!

Have I used writing and design processes to plan, develop, create, and refine engaging and meaningful texts considering purpose, audience, and message? I showed this competencie through any of my screenplays. I made sure to use different describing words and to add captivating hooks for my audience.

Video 3!!!

My third video was a tutorial video. This was probably the most challenging for me. We had to explain the confederation of Canada through a tutorial. After many ideas I decided to do a tutorial on Rice Krispie treats. I called it Confederation Through Rice Krispies. I set a time to film and bake. The video turned out fine but what you didn’t see was that the marshmallows and butter overflowed in the microwave. It created such a big mess and took time away from me filming to clean it up. Despite the small set back everything ended up fine. Here is that video.

Video 4!!!

Our fourth video. For our fourth video we made an explainer video. I chose to create an explainer video on The Indian Act. I loved learning more about this topic. Living in Canada I am very familiar with the Indian Act. I learned so many new facts that I hadn’t known already. I loved getting to put all this information into an explainer video and using Bitmoji. I think it turned out really good and I hope it well help educate others. Click Here to watch this video.

Identify Continuity and Change!

How are lives and conditions alike over time and how have they changed? This was probably the competencie that I struggled with the most. I had trouble making it clear in my videos. It took me a while but I think by the last couple of videos I was there.

Video 5!!!

Our fifth video was definitely my favourite. We got to work in partners and take examples from other videos to use as evidence. I worked with Indy and I think we did a really good job. We took evidence from our other videos to show how nationalism in the past can help us understand nationalism today. I loved pulling examples and showing how there was nationalism. If you wanna see this video then click Here.

Video 6!!!

Our final video was a reaction video. We got our parents to react to our last video, video 5. We interviewed them at the start of this project and asked them what they knew about nationalism and surprisingly they didn’t know much. We filmed them watching our fifth video and got their reaction. After watching our video they said it helped their understanding. This was really cool. Our video made sense and even after watching it only once my mum understood nationalism way more. She understood how it was there in the past and is still here in the present. If you would like to see her reaction just click Here.

Comparing to our everyday lives!!!

Throughout the project we did many fun activities to help us relate our topic to our lives today. We did a confederation simulation. I don’t know if it worked so well as only two places signed on and everyone voted to have Halifax as the capitol. We also had a debate in class. The debate was about Louis Riel. It too was also kind of crazy but fun.


I really hoped you enjoyed reading this post. I had a blast in this last project. I learned so much and I hope you learned something too from reading this. Thank you for reading and I hope you have a great rest of your day!