Hey everyone and welcome back to my blog! Today I want to inform you about using copyright free images.

Almost my whole life if I wanted a photo I couldn’t take I’d just search what I wanted on google and took it. Two years ago I found out that doing that is illegal and it’s called copyright. Copyright means the person who uploaded the image reserved the rights to it and won’t let you use it at all or for free. However don’t worry there are lots of alternatives to get copyright free images. You can

  •   Change the usage rights in google search
  •   Use Creative Commons
  •   Make your own image
  •   Take your own image
  •   Use royalty free images from things like Pixabay

When you use these tools you can still get really good images that will work for what you want and you won’t be defying the law. Below are a few copyright free images I found that I think are really beautiful. I love photography so these are really interesting to me.