The artsy project

This project was about art. Not just any art though, it was about art on the iPad. Throughout it we learned about tracing, making logos, sketch-noting, and about all the different settings there were on the apps that our school had so givingly provided for us. Let me tell you up font that I am not an artist. It never interested me and doesn’t have much of a real purpose other than to be something cool to look at or to mean something which helps you remember something but you can also write notes instead of sketch notes.

Our first assignment was a drawing of our names, word art.

This was pretty easy and for it I tried to make the first letter of my name be the 20th century fox logo but as you can see I can’t say I succeeded. I didn’t learn much from it and I didn’t feel empowered while making it.

The second one was sketch notes. I was so bad at doing them that I didn’t even draw most of the words. I even tried twice to get it right.

I’m just not the right kind of person. I’m not someone who organizes their thoughts  and I almost never write what I watched in a video down. The only time I do is when someone tells me to and even then I write it down and don’t draw it. I wasn’t empowered within this although I do think I learned a little.


The next milestone was a self portrait. And guess what! I wasn’t the best at that either.

It was good enough but could have been better. I think that I was quite empowered at the start but slowly found out that I was still very bad at drawing. It looked much better when I left the original image in. So better luck next time.


The next project went way better than the first. Mostly because of a major breakthrough of my knowledge of sketches pro.

And the breakthrough was that if you hold on a colour with your finger you will get its exact colour. It worked really well. You can see how well it worked up top on the picture. For this picture I was very empowered as I had found something which would help me for that picture. And I think for many more in the future. It really put me a whole different mindset about drawing things on an iPad.


The last milestone, the logo.

This logo was for a bouldering gym much like the one that I go to, the Hive. It was a cool logo and I had traced people climbing on it. It didn’t look good enough because it was just alone with nothing to give it form or to tell its size with so I put the climbing wall behind it. I was empowered throughout its making because I liked how it looked and how I traced the people on the letters to look like they were actually climbing on them.


From the project I learned quite a lot of useful things for school like kind of learning how to sketch-note and learning how to trace things but I mostly learned nifty tricks for the school provided app we used and for art on the iPad in general. But school is just for learning so now for how I felt empowered.


For the first three assignments I wasn’t or I lost my sense of empowerment. Then it all changed with my finding of the tricks and me finally getting used to the app itself. I was also drawing things which I would look at and actually liked. Here’s a drawing which I think shows my learning and also to my eye looks good.

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