I don’t work well under pressure

Today I want to focus on an ongoing issue which I think I need to get over which is that when I get a lot of big assignments at once I tend to put them all off and do other things. I more or less do anything which keeps my mind off of the work which doesn’t make the due date just magically go away. Another thing I do is that I work on an assignment for a few hours and then have to go to an event or a meeting after which I see that the assignment is still there and instead of getting it done I procrastinate even more that’s why, just now I barely got any schoolwork done but I read over 300 pages of a book that I got three days ago. Now as you’d know if you read my other post I wanted to play less vidiogames which I do but I more or less replaced that form of entertainment with reading.

The projects

I think that I do the projects well and mostly on time. The only part of the projects that I really struggle on is the end when all of the projects come to an end. I struggle on this because all of the work more or less comes at once and just I lose it. I do things half way and in the end I’m overdue. That doesn’t always happen and it doesn’t happen when I do a few key things which are that I work on the projects all day all week and get the things I need to make the grand goal possible.

What to do

I think that with a bit of luck and a better schedule I’ll be better with the ends of the projects. I’ll also try to work ahead so that when the finishing sprint comes I only have to jog because I ran a bit faster than the big bad deadline.

Some of my better projects

Although I did badly at the ends of a few projects I have been ever increasing the amount of good projects. A good example of that is the maker project witness to history where I used a high percentage of my time to take the pictures beforehand and I then just needed one day to get it all done. That contrasts on the other project I had which was Argh Mighty where I used the time for the other project and I was late on it.


What I will do in grade nine is try to leverage the projects out a bit more and get it all done. I think that as I get older and better at working I’ll also not get as much in late and maybe next year I’ll get everything in on time.

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