Believing In Myself

Hello, I am back again. Todays post will be very personal, we recently did a project called Believe In Good. Basically we learned about some habits that can better your person. I really found this project great mainly because I was having trouble with my personal strength. I have been burned out work wise and have two classes that I am really not enjoying right now. Lets move onto what I have to show my understanding and how I answer the driving questions. 

The seven habits are: 1. Be Proactive, 2. Begin With The End In Mind, 3. Put First Things First, 4. Think Win-Win, 5. Seek First To Understand, Then Be Understood, 6. Synergize, 7. Sharpen The Saw. 

You can read about these habits here 

I feel I am pretty open with my community. I share a lot of stuff others don’t, I had a big mental health problem a year ago and I have been recovering from that. I have anxiety, not full fledged anxiety. I have a mild form I inherited it from my mom. These habits have really helped with my management of said anxiety. I have gotten better social due to these habits which is great. I used art as my main way to cope with my anxiety. You can learn about that in my podcast that is releasing soon (I will put the link at the end of this post). I draw not only because I enjoy it, but because it distracts me from my problems. I enter my own reality of creativity. During this project we were asked to make something to show our growth with these habits. Almost everyone was a drawing I made, a pieces of art that represents that has meaning. I made them show something about that habit a trait or practice of it. 

I first drew this piece a arm letting go. It represents moving on from past things. Like friends, ideologies and renew you life. The arm has tattoos on it to show past memories engraved into your heart. Permanent, something you cant get ride of. I love the idea of tattoos the things that they can represent. I use them in a lot of the art works I make involving human bodies. They show a past memory that needed to be saved or a mistake that was one that person regrets. 

The second one also contained a tattoo. This time of fish swimming down to the fist. This represent the flow of life. Something permeant and unchangeable. The arm is flat as if he is floating on air. 

Both of these drawing represent life moving. A thing that can never be undone or reverted. A constant flow that has no end or beginning. You do with it what you can make the most of it while you can because it is out of your control how much time you have.  

I also made a sculpture that depicts a small boy sitting with no arms looking down. I represents  a spirit who is tethered, someone who cant let go. A person who is in a stuck mindset and is having trouble escaping. 

The last thing I made to show my understanding was a playlist. More specifically a play list I use when drawing to relax. It is 4 song I rotate through, you can check that out here 

We had 2 core competencies for this project

Empowered Learner: How might I use technology to construct knowledge?

Creative communicator: How might I use technology to create and communicate?

In conclusion I really learned a lot about myself during the courses of this project. I understand how to be better. How to grow as a person and to be better. To understand how to become a better person to wake up earlier. Go to bed earlier. I grew up and have learned how to treat others and myself. I have bettered myself, I wake up earlier, I socialize and breath. I don’t take the entire world on at once. I take on one challenge at a time. I have bettered myself. I have learned how to be an empowered learner. To do things on my own and take action. 


Podcast here

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