My 2023 Mpol

Hello, Welcome to my Mpol. This post is a focus on my reflection of the year so far and ending of last year.

But first the pledge of learning:

“Thank you for coming to my presentation of learning. I am the expert on my own learning. I am also responsible and accountable for my own learning. You can expect me to give an honest evaluation of my progress. We will discuss my strengths and opportunities for growth. Thank you in advance for listening and for offering feedback that I can use to improve as a learner.”

With most of my growth being over this time between junior and senior student. I have grown the most over the last couple months with taking on new responsibilities such as job and yearbook. Both of which have tested my skill in commitment and leadership. As my employment is reaching its end I not only feel relief for I will have more free time but I learned a lot about time management as I was working 12 hours a week and doing school. I learned a-lot about managing my time and energy as i was exhausted a-lot which is why i decided to bring it to an end 

That is the first big hurdle for me so far that has allowed me to grow. The next one was something I really needed classes without friends. I have found my grove within my academics which is art and design. Unfortunately non of my friends are into that kind of thing. So I had to adjust to not knowing anyone. If you don’t know me I have social anxiety. Due to my elementary school and the kids in my grade were not the nicest people. So climbing over that hurdle has been a struggle for sure but I am doing well. I have started to notice that not all people are like that. That there are friendly people who are kind and honest 

Finally we can start on the projects wi have done this year 

  1. The Manhattan Project 

This project was actually fun because the topic is interesting. The final product I definitely  F.A.I.L. On. I was really nervous due to before mentioned reasons. I spoke to fast and burned through my speech as quick as I could to be done quickly. I prefer to make something to express a point instead of speak about it to a large crowd. Maybe that is the artist in me but that is how I prefer to express my opinions and views. However I did grow in my writing skills which is a positive 

2) Fatal Entrance a populist “Macbeth”

This project was one that definitely tested my social skills. We had to present a scene from the play Macbeth and interpret it into a modern setting. I think I did alright, I wasn’t perfect but i felt comfortable with my scene and think is went pretty well besides a couple stutters. 

3) Coldest War (So Far) 

I have really loved this project not only because of the topic but the product we will be making I can really flex my creative mind and grow. We are studying the Cold War and making a comic book about a event within the Cold War. So I’m excited to push past the preliminary research stages and move toward the making a creating stages. I already feel i have learned so much from this project and I’ve barely started it. 

Unfortunately we have only done 2 projects this year with a third one starting soon so I cant really continue on my project growth 

Personal Growth 

However my growth outside of school has been exponentially. I have already got about years worth of work experience with 2 different jobs and I have been building myself and my skill as  member of our society. I feel I have grown the most in my past 4 years at seycove and I cant wait for grade 12 to see how much more I change before graduation. I really am going to be working on my art style and finding that niche. I have been working on this over the past 2 years and am getting closer to it. I have found a couple styles I really love working in. 

As for this year that is all the growth I can think of so far. I guess we will meet again at my Tpol later this year. Thanks for reading have a lovely day

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