Live Video🏀

For this blog post I will be talking about my live event video we had to do. For this video I did my basketball practice. So we started off by warming up our practice had a lot of running for reason but we warmed up then got straight into our dribbling drills which help us when we are playing teams so we can use our ball control. Then we did our strength and conditioning drills. I understand the importance of the plank to make us stronger but oh boy does it burn. Then we ran our defence and offence for the rest of the practice and at the end we had a scrimmage it is really important that we had our defense down because we have a game against STA so hopefully it goes well.

So how I made this video was asked if I could get some footage and my coach said of course so every time I could because I was still practicing so every time I could I would film some clips and at the end of practice I interviewed Gabe about our coming games and how we are going to play.

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