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Religious world view: part one, the poster & slideshow

Hello everybody! This is PART ONE of my PLP project on religious world view! My grades topic this year for Humanities was about religious world view! We actually did a project prior to the exhibition and it was about our own world view (here’s the link). Religious worldview is such a big topic that we…

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Its the FINAL COUNTDOWN!!! (The last sbc blog post)

Hey everyone this is the last week I will be participating in the student blogging challenge (sbc)! I’d just like to say thank you to my teachers and the people who created the idea to bring kids from across the world to join them in a blogging challenge! I had so much fun doing this!…

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Hello! It’s December 5th in Canada right now and you know what that means ONLY 20 MORE DAYS TILL CHRISTMAS! Now if you are reading this and it is less days till christmas I am JEALOUS of you! But its not Christmas and its still school so without further adieu here is my blog post…

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My world view

Hello everyone! Have you ever heard of the word world view? A world view is something we all have and everyone’s world view is different, your world view is how you view things, for example you might think that mango is the best fruit (it is) or winter is the best season (it is)! All…

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Week eight!!!!!!

Hey all!! Hope your gettin’ crafty for the holidays cause your about to learn THE BEST CHRISTMAS DECORATION EVER!!! This is all about making napkins into Christmas trees! Let me know if you had any problems and I can help you in the comment section below or just tell me if you liked it! Hope…

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Heyo everybody!!! For this weeks blog challenge I decided to draw out a story! This is called “trouble with siblings”!!! I hope you like it!!! Be sure to comment down below if you have a sibling like this!!! Sibling luv!!! Goodbye wonderful person!!! KIRA!!!!!!!! P.S this is the inspiration for the story:



  In class we are learning about how to better lean about photos, we learnt that not only are there some cool angles to take photos, but really cool editing techniques that take your picture to a new level! Before I start if you’d like here is a link to the book we used to…

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Awesome Images

In my PLP class we had a really fun project on images! It was all about unleashing our inner creativity around taking great photos starting from the ground up! Our first activity was to take a picture of something small and ordinary: I choose to take a picture of a white board pen as it shows…

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Blog challenge six

Hey everyone! It’s me Kira! Thanks for stopping by, after you’ve read my post please leave a comment down below I’d love to hear what you thought about it! For this weeks blog challenge we had to do three challenges, for the first one we had to find a scientific topic that sounded interesting. I…

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Similarities and differences ITS NOT A BORING QUIZ (I hope…)

    DF94EAAA-3281-4616-9D33-BD078D36DA04-2k88xawHeres to all of our similarities and differences!!! Click the link for a video on similarities and differences week five! Hope you enjoy! Comment down below what your answers were!

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