The Medium is the Message: Final Portfolio Post.

This project has definitely been the most difficult project I have done yet. I have learned so much about advertisements and how they can influence you to buy stuff and change you in a way. Through out this project we have done a total of six milestones all of which have helped me along the way getting towards the final advertisement to send off to our business.

Milestone one was the introduction to this project and it was called “welcome home” which was an Apple ad about a girl dancing to there new product called HomePod. We then had to draw what we thought the emotions where from the ad, the wrote a short paragraph on what the message was and who it might be targeted at and I did that with one revision for my spelling.

Milestone two took all those skillets we used in milestone one but more complicated. This time we had to find a form of media and write a paragraph on how it show the techniques, appeals, who made it, who the target audience was and if they made it for profit or power. For that milestone the medium I chose the movie “John Wick” and i felt like I learned a lot of new skills from that milestone for future milestones.

Milestone three was the exact same thing as milestone two expect this time it had to be a really old ad and you had to be more specific and elaborate more on what the message was and you also had to write what where the different perspectives from the past and present consumers. I had to revise a lot on that one because i found it a little challenging but I eventually got it right.

Milestone four was our Launch Journal where we recorded everything we did in the project leading up to the final advertisement. This was actually one of the last things we handed in because we where working on this the whole time. Ava and Hannah did most of the work but i still contributed with my ideas and feedback.

Milestone five was by far the hardest milestone. We had to read a university level text [ McLuhans text] and then compare it to a book called The Gospel According to Larry and write a paragraph on that then write down the similarities between the two texts and then write down your connections. That milestone took me over four hours to complete.

For our final milestone we had to create our final advertisement by combining all of our drafts. This one was pretty based on how Ava did most of the work again. But i did have some pretty dope ideas. We then had to send in the ad to Local Lift and write thank you cards as a group.

Over all this project was very challenging but I now have more knowledge on companies trying to persuade you through advertisement and I am now more observant of how ads are trying to influence my decisions of buying stuff. That concludes my final project blog post and hope I can use these skills in the future.  

Our groups final ad for Local Lift.

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