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Let’s get it what up my slimes! Welcome back to another blog and I know this blog may be mildly overdue but that’s besides the point. Anyway this blog was called meiosis models and what we had to do was make multiple models of the meiosis and mitosis stages in tinkercad, then put them into a video and voiceover what the stages are.

as usual this project started off with a mind map about what we already knew and any questions we have about Mitosis and Meiosis. When I made this mind map I dont think I understood the concept of this project entirely because almost all of my questions where about making babies which is only part of this topic.

like I said before this project would require us to use tinkercad which we haven’t used for about a year. Last time I used it was for my 3D toe jammer and his Jeep. Anyway milestone 2 was rather simple as it was just doing some tutorials to get a refresher on how to use the app.

To actually get some real visual examples of Mitosis everyone had to plant a garlic bulb in a cup of dirt and wait for it to sprout so we could cut the roots to examine under a microscope. Once the garlic was ready me and my partner (Mateo) cut tiny pieces of the root and put it under the microscope so we could see where the different stages of mitosis where occurring.

Shortly after that we started to make our models on tinkercad and I must say tinkercad is SUPER annoying to use on iPad. Stuff moves when you don’t want it to, sizing is weird, it’s just all out annoying. Anyway after long (and frustrating) times we got them finished and personally I think mine look horrible. I didn’t realize you could make thing transparent which would make it look way better but I was already to far in to it.

finally the last thing we needed to do was taking these models and putting them into a narrated video. The recording and editing and piecing the video together was easy it was just getting the script right was the hard part for me. I think that my video was pretty good despite it being a little late and having “distracting images” which is absolute cap. I think Mr. Harris just has a hard time focusing on the information at hand. Anyway if you want to see for your self here it is.

Core competencies:

questioning and predicting:

Here I got accomplished/ developing. I used most class time effectively and showed intelectual curiosity on this topic. On the rubric he wrote down 2 dates that I was “distracted on.” One of them I was texting a peer about very important information that was very urgent. The other one I have no idea why he wrote it down because after my very important discussion with my peer I didn’t text again. Anyway.

Planning and conducting:

although me and my partner had some difficulty getting good images under the microscope we still managed to use well thought out investigation methods, including field work and lab experiments to try and find this data. To be honest our photos of the roots sucked so much we couldn’t even find any of the stages. Not even Mr. Harris could. The good news is a fellow class mate sent us theirs and we where able to identify which stage was which correctly (Mr. Harris said we where allowed to ask a friend for their images)

Scientific communication:

I got a low accomplished because some images where “too distracting” and some pictures where too zoomed in. Now Landon why did you put in this “distracting” images? Glad you asked. After watching some classmates videos I noticed one thing they all had in common. During the similarity and differences part the picture they had over the voiceover was either a black screen or one word. I didn’t want my video to be boring because I know no one wants to hear me ramble on about this a look at a black screen so I put some fun photos in for something people cam look at while I explain some science stuff.

Overall I was not a big fan of this project because like I said before tinkercad is a pain in the butt to use but I think it was interesting learning about how different life can reproduce on its own and how life is made. Later jit

slatt slatt



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