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Wow two blog posts in one day! I know, I should go outside but at least you guys have some entertainment while the weather isn’t so nice. Thankfully I do have something to talk about and that is my most recent project. 

Do you listen to podcasts? I sure didn’t at the start of this project but I soon found out more than I needed to know about them and how to make one. We started this project by making an oral story. This story had little to no planning prior to recording and it showed me how crucial it was to make a good plan. I had done a very small amount of planning for this story and it showed. The planning I had done was finding myself a topic and a rough outline of what the story spine would be. If you remember from last year when we made plenty of short films and stories I talked about the story spine before and if you would like to hear more about it check out my horror story remake. 

Moving past that horrible story we decided to not do that again and spend a good amount of time planning what our trailer is going to sound like. Before we randomly started planning we had to know what to plan for, and so we spent some time pitching podcast ideas until we found a subject worth talking about. I knew instantly what I wanted to talk about and that was mountain biking. My only problem was that I didn’t know what to say about mountain biking. There’s already so many companies who talk about bikes such as GMBN, PinkBike, WorldWide Cyclery and much more so I didn’t know what would make me different from the rest. A week before everyone had their idea pitches I suddenly figured out what I wanted to talk about. The weekend prior I had gone on a trip to Whistler Bike Park with two of my friends and unfortunately one of them had a pretty bad crash which resulted in a fractured knee cap, tibia and 5 stitches in his chin. This crash was quite devastating because it’s scary seeing your friend in so much pain. A few days later after that crash happened, we had got back from the trip and I was biking with my friend. We had such a great ride until he also crashed and we had to call the ambulance. These two events made me realize how dangerous the outdoors can be and so I wanted to educate people on how to handle these kinds of situations. Having gone through three of these terrifying situations just this summer I figured I should talk about this. 

Title:  Not Outdoor Adventures

Podcast type: It will be a storytelling podcast and I will share my knowledge after the story to inform the listeners about outdoor safety.

Target Audience: I think the people who would listen to my podcast wouldn’t be a certain age group but anyone who loves mountain biking or outdoor sports.

I think people will listen to my podcast for entertainment and hopefully by listening they will learn an important message. This important message will most likely be about outdoor safety and maybe some fun facts that they might’ve not known before.

I would definitely love to have a segment filled with stories of my mountain bike adventures


After we finally knew what our podcast was going to be about we moved onto planning our trailer. We wrote a short script after we got approved and spent some time doing peer critique sessions. 

I’m actually very thankful that we did this peer critique because my podcast benefited quite a bit. What makes it even better is that we did even more peer critique a few days later as well. With all of this planning that we did we were finally able to move onto our trailer. No I’m kidding we still had more work to do like our podcast art but don’t worry that didn’t require any peer critique sessions. In these sessions we critiqued each other’s music and scripts so by the end we all were almost much done and ready to make our trailer

Now that we had all these things ready we still weren’t done because we had to learn about audio, which I’m jot going to get into much detail about because I’m sure you don’t want to do too much more reading. Maybe you do but I definitely am a little tired of writing. Anyways we spent a few classes learning about the common audio mistakes that we might come across and how to identify them. We also did some quizzes learning about some key terms that we will need to know. We did one quiz and I did horrible so we came back to it the next day and I got a passing grade on it. The good thing is, is these weren’t real quizzes but I quickly learned a lot from them. 

Okay now we can finally make our trailer. To make my trailer all I had to focus on was good audio since we had already done all the planning. If you want to hear about what I did check out my first weekly blog post. After recording and putting everything together I had finally finished my trailer for you to hear.

So that’s the end of the start on this project and I’m really looking forward to see what it’s like to actually make our first episode. I’ve learned so much about podcasts and hopefully by reading this you did too. Bye 👋

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