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I made a short video about my self in class this is what each of the images mean.



Soccer, Baseball, Basketball: I find they I am a very athletic person. I do a lot of different sports including the three I choose. I decided to do theses sports because they are my top three most played sports.


The sun: Originally I was born in New Zealand but when I was one I moved back to LA were my parents were originally from. The sun reminds me of the constant heat that I lived with for seven years of my life.


Brain weight: I find that a strong brain equates to a smart body, and that’s what is represented here.



Treble clef, head phones: I really like not only listening to music but also creating music. For the past few years I have been in multiple bands playing guitar. I think that is what this rep resents for me.


Lotus flower: I enjoy being out in nature because I feel it centres me. It lets me calm down and rest after a long day. The lotus flower not only represents nature, but also relaxation and prosperity.


Paint brush, camera lens, clapper: Art is another hobby of mine. I note only like visual art but preforming arts too. Its a way for me to let out feelings and emotion.

Gene strand: The gene strand represents who I am as a person my core. In some ways it also represents science and my love for factual knowledge

Scale: Ever since I was a little kid I had always liked things being fair, I think in some ways this is what the scale represents. The scale of good and bad fair and not fair.

Skier: Since I came to Canada winter sports have been some what forced on me. Even thou I like the sport I think skiing also represents the place I live right now and my childhood.

Colours: I really like the colour blue for two reasons. The first reason is that it represents waves and I guess water in general, a key element for survival. The second reason is that blue represents not only healing but also the truth some important values to me.

Music: like I said before I really like making music this was just a simple beat made in garage band but it fit well with the short clip.

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