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Fraser Canyon War Animation

This was the last term of the year, and for our humanities class we had a very challenging last project. The final project was an animation that ranged from about two to three minutes in length. There was a lot of criteria for this project, since there could be so many varieties of posable out comes. The main criteria for this project were broken in to steps. 

Step One: Choosing a topic that we felt would not only create an outstanding animation but also could implement our driving question, How does power Influence relationships. 

– The Choices were Manitoba / the Red River Settlement, Canadian Pacific Railway, First Nations Perspectives, the development of BC / the Gold Rush, Immigration. 

  • I Chose the Gold Rush as my main topic and then narrowed it down to the Fraser Canyon War.
  • We also had to chose a person for us to focus on the person was Chose is Captain Snyder. 


So who was Captain Snyder and what was his influence in the Fraser Canyon war. Captain Snyder was the captain of the New York Pike Guard militia. The New York Pike Guard militia is a regiment of the New York Guard the state defense system put in place by the state. The Pike Regiment had travelshed to the Fraser Canyon in search for gold. At the time the leader of this regiment was Captain Snyder. When they joined the tens of thousands of miners in the canyon, they took basic control over the general majority. They did this by having a “show of power”, a basic show of arms, and since most of the men with them were military trained they immediately took control, and created a miners council. Captain Snyder’s intentions were anything but hostile, and when trouble started to occur, he used his show of arms. This was mainly Miner to Miner combat, and since their were so many of them in such a small area it was bound to happen. When the relationships of the miners and the First peoples stared to heat up, and turn into a straight out war he tried his best to stop the conflict. He was eventually able to stop the conflict by setting up a meeting with all of the aboriginal leaders in Lytton. After some negotiations, they were able to stop the war by signing a peace treaty. One of the main reasons why all the leaders signed was his show of confidence, power, and certainty that the conflict would be resolved.  

The City Of Lytton

Step Two: This step was our research step. The main part of this step was creating a research sheet. The main criteria we used for our research Were the ones listed below.

• Group of people and description of them 

• Name of individual who’s power the story is based around 

• How it all began / Intro (background information to the relationship, setting, or rise to power) 

• Main Events / Middle (relationships, conflicts, battles, treaties, laws, etc.) 

• Conclusion / End (How did power alter the relationships between individuals and groups of people in this story? How did it end? How do we view it today? + why) 


Step Three: For this step we created story boards to base our animation off of. We needed to consider important characters to show, the setting and how you will represent it, and of course, your beginning, middle, and end. We also needed to remember that this whole project should focus around Power, so I brought everything back to our driving question in the end, How does power alter relationships between individuals and societies? 


Step Four: This step was the first draft of our Animation. I chose to animate on an app called Flip a Clip. This was a very basic app that we could use for longer animations. The animation that we had to hand in for this draft had to be over thirty seconds long but didn’t need to include audio. We had to, in class, explain animation so we could get critiqued.

Step Five: In this step we had to work on and finish our second draft of our animation. The guidelines for this step is that the animation had to be at least a minute long and include audio. Some of the critique I got for this draft was that I was talking to fast, and that my peace signs were not drawn correctly. 


Step Six  (The Last Step): This was the final step were we worked on and finished the final draft of our animations. Since I had to include music (not a guideline) I used some other cool apps. The main app I used was iMovie an app made by the Apple corporation. I usually use this app but, I have found that there are some bugs that are quite frustrating. The app that I used for my Music is called Splice. The app is made by GoPro, and i think is very easy to use. This step also includes presenting to an audience, which we did on June 18th. This part was especially fun because you got to see other peoples projects. Overall I was quite impressed by how the project was able to bring out the best of all of our creativeness, I would definitely suggest this to the younger grades. 

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