TPOLs are here!

We have done so much this year, and as I am nearing the end of it, I am going to answer this driving question: Why do I feel I am ready to advance to the next grade level?

Instead of rambling on and on about completely irrelevant points, I am going to answer a whole bunch of direct questions to greater represent my learning.

• Of your work completed this year, what are you most proud of? Why?

I am most proud of my blue sky project because of how hard I worked on it and how successful it was for me.

• What project did you most enjoy? Why?

I most enjoyed our final science project because of how open it was. We got to pick our own topic, something we were personally interested in, and research it for a few weeks.

• What is the most valuable thing you have learned this year? Why?

I learned not to use my first draft as my final draft and to instead better it for a more thorough work.

•What is the most interesting thing you have learned this year? Why?

The world is so young and we are all so small in comparison to time.

• Why did you choose the projects for today’s presentation that you chose?

I enjoyed these projects and I felt I worked hard on them. These were the projects that I learned a lot from and was actually interested and invested in.

• How did your projects help you better understand different perspectives?

I saw how others lives are so much different from ours, whether it be a difference in time or location.

• What piece of work done this year would you share with a class visitor? Why?

I would want to share my blue sky project because of how hard

• How much did you know about a subject before you studied it?

I learned so much this year that I didn’t know before and I really grew as a learner. I didn’t know much of anything that we learned about and that meant I could really fully engulf the concepts.

• In what ways have you gotten better as a learner through the work you have done?

I have learned to find and critique problems in my own work and use that to better my work without someone else telling me to. I have really been able to grasp concepts this year that I couldn’t have even last year.

• In what ways do you think you need to improve?

I need to work harder on the quantity of my work and finish my work whenever I can find time instead of putting it off until I originally planned to complete it.

• What problems did you encounter? How did you solve them?

I encountered a lot of problems including forgetting about my work until the last minute, having my presentations deleting from my iPad overnight, and not going outside for extended periods of time because of a large workload. I solved these problems by finding a proper app to remind me of every assignment I needed to complete, regularly backing up my iPad and using my computer more, and I managed my time to take short breaks to take a walk.

• Did the work you completed you meet your standards?

The majority of work I completed met my standards, and my main goal for next year is to exceed my standards with everything I do.


Overall, I think I am ready for next year because I know I’ve grown so much and will be able to further better my learning even more in the coming years.

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