Algebra Tiles

Recently in math class, we have been learning about algebra. More specifically, how we can use algebra tiles to show expressions. For this project, we were tasked with creating a game for more than one person using tiles to show math problems. We started by learning a bit of background information about how to use algebra tiles, and then dived right in. I worked on this project with Isy, and we decided to make a game involving breakfast food.

my unit mind map for this project

We created little tiles out of paper and cardstock and designed our game boards to look like picnic blankets. Then, we designed a game that challenged players to race to create an algebraic equation into a diagram. This video goes more in-depth to explain just how the game works.

Overall, I don’t┬áthink that I learned much from this project, but I am proud of the game that we ended up creating.

Here are the competencies that I used in this!

Develop thinking
strategies to solve puzzles
and play games – we designed a game using mathematical equations to problem solve using a board game design

Connect mathematical
concepts with each other,
other areas, and personal
interests – we connected algebraic expressions and theory to games and physical representations such as tiles

Visualize to explore and
illustrate mathematical
concepts and relationships – we visualized algebraic expressions through algebra tiles in order to simplify or expand

Represent mathematical
ideas in concrete, pictorial,
and symbolic forms – we used algebra tiles to physically understand how and why factoring and expanding equations works

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