Welcome back to the one and only, week 5 of the Student Blog Challenge, already half way! I’ve noticed that I mention a music a lot! Guess what this week is about? Yep, music! I’m so excited to present to you three tasks that I did for this week and I’m pretty proud of them! 

First we start with the survey I made. Everyone has different tastes, styles, and interests! Music is a big part of that for most people. Taking this survey gives me a better insight to you, and to interact with my audience!

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Similar to the survey I also created a quiz, but how would you answer it? You may not know any music facts right now but I assure you after this video, you’ll have something to talk about at the dinner table tonight! After you watch the video take the quiz which is below the video! Have fun! 

Quiz time!

What was your score on the quiz? 4/5? 5/5? Your score better be good after you watched my video! Nah I’m just kidding there are no expectations for this. I mentioned the piano maybe a couple times in the video, but now we are going to go in depth with the instrument, all the nitty gritty details! 

The history of the piano is very interesting, to a pianist. But today we all pianists and we shall learn about the history of this amazing instrument. 


 The man who invented the piano was named Bartolomeo Cristofori and he was born in Italy. Cristofori worked as a Keeper of Instruments for Ferdinando de’ Medici who was the Grand Price of Tuscany. Cristoforiwas unhappy with the volume level musicians could not control.

 He is said to have switched out the plucking idea to create the modern day piano around 1700. The original name of the piano was “Gravicembalo col piano e forte” which translates from Italian to “harpsichord with soft and loud” but was later shortened to pianoforte which means soft-loud. According to most physiologists, playing piano is great for mental health and it helps your mood. It can help you regulate your organs and body functions as well. The best part is knowing how to play the piano, makes learning other instruments less difficult! 

If you want to know more about instruments as a whole, and a little bit about what I play, my inspirations go visit my music website!

  • Modern day Piano

Music has always been a big part of my life, and its been a pleasure writing about it and telling you guys about something I’m passionate about today! Once again, you can go check out my music website  if you missed it before! 

Signing out!