New France!

Hi, welcome back to my blog. This post is going to be about my last humanities project this year. This project was about New France and the indigenous peoples in that age. We watched video and read lots of information to learn all about the fur trade and New France. The driving question for this project was how can artifacts teach us about settlement, people, and New France. For our final product I answer the driving question with my short story about New France and the life of a unlicensed fur trader. For this story my artifact was beaver pelts. Beaver pelts were used a lot back in New France and it fits perfectly into my story.

throughout this project I was being assessed on two main core competencies. The first competency was the communicate competency. I used this competency in the final story. I had to communicate with my reader through my writing about my story. I had to tell them about how my character lived, how he got money and all about New France just through my writing. The second competency I used in this project is the evidence competency. I used this competency a lot in my final book creator story. I used this to show evidence of my artifact and how it was used in my story. I had to show my evidence of my artifact in my story.

This is a photo not my artifact

Finally my answer to the driving question is artifacts can teach us about settlement and New France by showing us what they used back then and giving us a glimpse into what they used back then. Overall I think I did pretty good in this project it was a lot of fun to look back in time and learn about New France. I have also heard that we will be learning about New France again in grade 9 which should be a lot of fun. Make sure to check out my other blog posts here.

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