We use emojis everyday. You use them to express how you feel or just to make your text messages more exciting. Today I’m going to use emojis to make a guessing game, a math equation and some art.

For the guessing game I have used 2-4 emojis to help you guess some popular Christmas songs. If you think you know the answer comment down below!


Next I with be sharing a math equation I made with emojis. If you can figure out the answer comment what you got!

Lastly I will be showing you some art I made only using shapes in pages. I really enjoyed making this because it was challenging to only use shapes.

That’s all for this weeks challenge. Come back next week to see my next SBC post!

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  1. Catherine at |

    I love your post! It’s so cool that you made all of those cool activities. If you want to check out my emoji post here it is.


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