Everyone Can Draw💙

In these past few weeks we have been working on a project to help us better use the Apple Pencil in sketches pro. This is an app that you can use to make beautiful art. Today I will show you the art I made throughout the project. I have made many things that make me look like I can draw really well but in reality I’m not the best at drawing.

How can we use our pencils to enhance our learning?

During this project I learned a lot about how to use the Apple Pencil to create beautiful things. Before we started this project I knew how to use the Apple Pencil but I did not even begin to understand how powerful it is until we started the project. One of the things that I became a lot better at during this project was smudging and shading. we needed to do a lot of this for the part of our project where we had to draw fruit. For the drawing we needed to have a light source to make the fruit look more realistic. during this project I also became more comfortable with using different pens. Before when I would do my art I would only use the sharpie tool but recently I’ve been use different sizes and opacities. I think knowing how to draw will make all my future work and school life better. For example learning how to sketch note was really helpful and it is actually  something I have started doing. I feel that learning these new skills made me more of a empowered learner. Also In PLP we are asked to add drawings to a lot of our projects so now my drawing can look better and they can look less like a kindergarden drew them. Now I will tell you about some techniques I got better at. Making my word art I got better finding colors and aesthetics that go together. doing sketch noting I got better at not worry as much that things are perfect but that they make sense to me. Doing the portrait made me better at tracing. While drawing the fruit bowl it made me a lot better at using light to make things more realistic.

Here are the drawings we had to do:

  • This was my first drawing. We were asked to draw our name.

  • This is my second drawing. We were asked to watch a video then do sketch notes.

  • This is my third drawing. This is my favorite, it is a portrait.

  • My fourth drawing was a fruit bowl.

  • Finally we were asked to make a logo. I made a logo for my blog.

I loved doing this project and doing this project has made a more empowered learner. It has also made me enjoy art more. So from now on I will not groan in my head when I hear we have to draw. And that wraps up my Pencil project!

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