We are all Made of Molecules

Hello today I will tell you about the project we just finished in scimatics. The project that we were working on was about the kinetic molecular theory. The task was to create a scratch coded game using the kinetic molecular theory. At first having to code a game sounded like my worst nightmare but in the end I ended up being very proud of my game. Now let me tell you more about this project. 

First we started with making a mind map with some questions and stuff that we already knew about atoms. Doing this made me realize how little I knew about atoms and molecules. I also realized I had a lot of questions about the subject of mater.Mind Map of Matter

The next part was trying to find the density of unknown gemstones to see if they were white sapphire. 

The competency for this was questioning and predicting. When we did the identification my partner and I redid the experiment multiple times to make sure it was right, we spent the whole class trying to get the right density.

Next we drew modules of two elements and one molecule to use in our game. I knew I wanted to do helium because it makes balloons float and makes your voice funny. Then I chose beryllium because it sounds cool. 

The competency was scientific communication. I feel I did this well because I drew the atoms in a very clear understandable way, it demonstrated the protons and electrons, the outer shell and the nucleus is both of them. Next time I will improve this competency by communicating more ideas/ think more about it.

The final product was a scratch coded game. For my game I made a pong game where you could pick between beryllium or helium as your ball, as you played the game for longer the temperature would increase and it would change states. I was going to use a molecule as the ping pong but I couldn’t figure it out in time.

  • The intro page where you pick your element.

  • The first state of matter, the ball bounces slowly.

  • The second state of matter, the atom bounces faster,

  • The last state of mater, the ball is bouncing very fast.

 For this part of the project we were being assed on all the competencies. For questioning and predicting I think I did very well. I used my class time pretty well and made a game that I was very proud of, I did not think I would ever be able to make my own game and yet here I am now. I improved during this project because at first I was very reluctant to start my game and would spend very little time on it then by the last week and a bit I spent the whole class just coding my game.

  In communicating I did ok because I did not put in a molecule, however all the states of matter were clear and I had two hand drawn atoms. The last competency was reasoning and analyzing. I think my game meet the criteria because it was interactive game with easy controls. The only problem was that is was very hard to play. I hardly ever got to the gas stage in the game. 

Then we had a test. I did not do very well on the test. Even though I studied, read the text pages and did the workbooks I still did not do well. I was pretty confident with most my answers too. The competency here was evaluating ,which considering my score, I did not do very well in this competency. However I did a better job this time reading the whole text book and doing all the worksheets completely, I worked harder to understand the content.

Now I’m doing the final part of the project, writing the blog post. The competency being assed now is communicating. I’m already doing better this time because I’m talking about how I’ve improved and each competency. My blog post is also more detailed.

That’s all for this project!

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