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Hello and welcome to my mid-term presentation of learning( MPol). Today I will be answering a very important question. What is my learning goal that I want to reach by the end of the year, and how will I meet it? Well I will start off by telling you what my goal is. This year my learning goal is to be more on top of my work. I fell that I don’t think I have to do anything until its the very last minute.  I get distracted very easily which doesn’t help. So unless I feel like I will have no other time to do it I will procrastinate. This goal will require me to get rid of  bad habits which is one of the hardest thing to do. To achieve this goal of staying on top of my work I’m going to start eliminating distractions around. So be in a quiet place when I sit down to do my work and move all the apps like Netflix, YouTube and games to a spot on my iPad that is further away. I’ve also found a playlist that just helps me focus, I don’t know why but it does. So a specific learning goal I want to achieve is to start finishing my projects before they’re due, even handing them in early. I feel that so far in most cases I’m handing my assignments in on time and complete in all my classes, however they are very last minute. 


I’ve found in scimatics I put things off or hand them in late quite a lot. I’ve also found it very hard to retain information from textbooks or doing the worksheets which means it takes me longer to finish the projects then it should. For example in this project that we are doing right now we have been learning from the textbook and worksheets so its been taking me longer to get to the actual project because I process them slower. But they other projects like the mazer tag one was super fun! I learned a lot about the Pythagorean theorem and the law of reflection by doing the project. I also loved building the ship. In questioning and predicting I think I did better because I used all my time pretty well during the project. 


 In humanities I think I am pretty good with handing and getting the stuff done to the best of my ability. I’ve been learning a lot in every project we do and I’ve been thinking about in my every day life. Like the advertising project taught me a lot about the looks of posters and how to target a specific audience. The religion project made me think more about everyone and it helped me understand people more and why people do certain things and what they believe in.   and even the humanities project we are doing right now is teaching me a lot of stuff about the Middle Ages and the crusades. This project also ties in with religion because the crusades happened because people didn’t understand the others perspective on life. 


Then in maker we have been doing a variety of things like our Big Life Journal which was about goal setting and focusing on you. Then we learned how to draw on the iPad, this was probably one of my favourite projects because we got to draw so much and I learned a lot of new skills. It was called The Power of the Pencil.  Then we worked on the winter exhibition. I really enjoyed all the group work we did and helping it all come together was really fun. And now we are working on DI which I am very excited about because I’ve never really done acting before. So overall in most of my projects I’ve been a pretty good learner. 


PGP is kinda a confusing course because we work on a whole bunch of different things. PGP stands for personal growth plan. So we work on time blocking and organizing our lives. There’s this magical app that we use called Things. It’s the best app for organizing what you have to do, when to work on it, and when it’s due. I have found this app very helpful to make sure I don’t forget about homework. I have not found time blocking very helpful yet however I’m willing to keep on trying. In this course we also do reflections which I’m ok at but I do not enjoy doing it. I do find it helpful though when we do things like this because then it’s very easy to find the information. This is the course where we reflected on Oregon.

  • Time Blocking

  • Things

  • Things

  • My Oregon book



So far PLP has been a great program for me,I’ve been enjoying it but I’m also starting to notice myself not only use thing that we learn in classes in my every day life but I’ve learnt more of a good work ethic. For example since I never used to have homework or really any hard work at all I never learnt to work hard and long on anything. But now since I have dance I usually sit down most nights from 9-9:45 and get any homework I need to get done. I’ve learnt to focus for longer amounts of time and to be more open to doing more work.

So now for my question, how can I be a better group member? I thought this was a good question to ask because it relates to my story and  it’s a question I’m going to need to ask myself for the rest of my life. And that’s my Midterm Blog of Learning.

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