Hello and welcome to the not as exciting part of this awesome project. This project was called the Ultimate Design Challenge and we were asked to create something for maximum volume/surface area.

 I had wanted to do a mini home or a pool, so when I was put into a group with Sophia and Indy I pitched my ideas to them. They both really liked the pool idea so thats what we decided to do. Our question was: how can we design a pool for maximum volume? Then we started brainstorming what we wanted the pool to look like. Here’s our idea in 2-D:

Then we started learning how to use TinkerCad. I already knew I was bad at 3-D designing but I forgot just how bad I was. So I designed the pool and Indy and Sophia designed the rest. Here’s our finish design:

The competencies we were being assed on: Reasoning and Analyzing, Communicating and Representing. For Reasoning and Analyzing I feel I showed this pretty well because in the end I created a shape that had maximum volume, the end ratio didn’t show this because we calculated shapes other than the pool. For Communicating and Representing I did not do so well because I didn’t spend enough time on the calculations and making sure I had the right units of measurements. So until next project!