Hi everyone,

After learning about explorers we learnt about what the explorers did after settling somewhere new. Our most recent project was about the colonial times, focusing on New France and the fur trade. For this project we made a book about an artifact, and a person in New France. 

We started this project off by learning about the seingneural system of New France. That was very similar to Feudalism which I did a project on in January. Then we picked our artifact and wrote a story. 

My best work came in Milestone 2 of this project. We had to make a character card. I think I did a great job on that milestone. I included lots of detail, and put lots of thought into it. I’m also proud of my final book. One of the most interesting things to learn about in this project was how daily life in New France looked. It was also amazing to learn that the whalers from Europe, followed the explorers to new waters and hunted the whales there. One of the things I struggled with the most was my grammar in the story. I kept on switching from the first to third person. 

There were two main competencies in this project. Communicate was one of them. The best demonstration of this competency is in my story. I communicated my idea, and learning through my story. The other competency was, evidence. Milestones 3-5 were all great examples of this competency. I showed evidence of my artifact. I also used evidence to show significance of my artifact and New France. 

This is my last humanities blog post of grade 8 thanks. I will likely post my next humanities blog post in October. Happy Summer Vacation 🥳🥳!!!!!