It’s The End of The World

Welcome to the renaissance, about a month ago I talked about the Middle Ages and now we have arrived in the renaissance with a musical twist. The driving question for this projects was “Who or what has challenged your worldview in the transition from elementary school to high school?”. A lot about this was also about worldview and what stated in the driving question which is the transition from elementary school to high school. So for that we were to create a song based off of the R.E.M song “It’s The End of The World As We Know It” with all of our experiences from elementary to high school. In this project I worked with Julien and Annie.

First of all the competencies being assessed. The two big ones that were part of this project were the create and the cause and consequence. Create was “What literacy skills am I using to write, speak, and represent in the texts I create?” and cause and Consequence was “Who or what influenced events to occur and what were the consequences of those events?”. For create I worked effectively to show the elements of worldview in a song of my own and in a collaborative effort. I used my writing skills to show the parts of the song in the form of my own lyrics and used my GarageBand skills to mix the tracks together to make the song sound good. For cause and consequence I made a mind map about who or what has challenged your worldview from elementary to high school. In this it shows all the aspects of worldview and what has effected me from each category.

Next up how to project went we started off with the worldview MindNode for milestone one, this included geography, time, beliefs, society, values, economy and knowledge. We took our mind maps from one of our other projects and added to it in this project.

Milestone two was the individual song lyrics. I enjoyed making this because it gave you a sense of creativity and it was fun to make your lyrics rhyme to what the lyrics were for the R.E.M version.

Milestone three was the final individual song and this was the first big one. This was when I needed to go to a quiet space and record and deal with my voice no matter what. In the end I was proud of my product.

Milestone four was the renaissance cause and consequence. This is where we chose a topic about the renaissance and I chose warfare. I talked about the battle of Marignano and the battle of Pavia.

Milestone five was the final group song that is at the top of this post. In this Me, Julien and Annie put all of our lyrics together to make one mega song. This is also accompanied by pictures of us from grade 7 to grade 8.

Overall this project was fun and I liked that it incorporated music. I am now curious about what the next project for humanities will be. I guess we will see in the next blog post.

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  1. This is great Raymond! I love the detail you added, your song sounds great! It is clear that this transition had brought big change for you and the same for me. Well Done!

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