My life as a dancer

The Life Of A Dancer


Being a dancer has its ups and downs. You have to work hard all the time, but it all pays off. The photo above is of me dancing in DisneyLand in the parade there the year 2014 when I was 8 years old. It took a lot of practicing and hard work to get there but it was a very fun experience.


Here is a video of the parade I was in. Sadly because of the camera angle and the terrible quality you can’t see me but there’s still the photo a the start of this blog.


I have done a lot of dance shows. My dance studio has an annual Nutcracker show every year at Christmas time. This year I get to be an evil mouse that battles against the Nutcracker’s soldiers. I find that at the shows that my dance school does I get very panicky and nervous, especially when someone is not where their supposed to be before we go on stage. We also do an annual year end show witch involves a fairytale story that’s done in ballet and then they have all the different dances, they call it a “Showcase”. This year we are doing Alice In Wonderland. I am so excited!


We also do competitions. Every year if you want you can be in competitive dance for example this year I’m doing competitive stage and hip-hop. Each season of dance (if you’re in competitive dance) you do 3 competitions, usually we do a competitions called “Peak Invitational” we have started to do a competitions called “synergy” and this year we are going to the “Peak Invitational” competition in Whistler. We also did this two years ago.


My favorite thing is that the costumes I get to wear cool costumes. I also sometimes get to help with the costumes as in repairing, adjusting and finishing unfinished things. I do this because I adore sewing. So I help out as much as I can.


Dance is my passion and it expresses my emotions that’s why I love it so much.