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Blue Sky | 2020

The Sven Habits Continue….


Hi and welcome to my TPOL presentation. Before I started to work on my T-Pols I decided to look back at my goal moving forward from my M-Pols, “Reflect back to the competencies that are required in a project, apply… Continue Reading →

Mitosis and Meiosis

Hey guys and welcome back to my blog today I will be talking about my most recent scimatics project. I really enjoyed this project since it focused about reproduction and I already know lots since my mom is a labor… Continue Reading →

The Great War

How can exploring stories and text help us understand the impact of Canada’s identity? This is the question me and my class have recently been trying to answer. Hi there and welcome back to another one of my blog posts,… Continue Reading →

The New Normal

  Hey guys welcome back to my blog. Today’s post is a bit obvious due to the title, but I’ll tell you anyways. For our second to last maker project we decided to focuse it around COVID-19, we have all been… Continue Reading →

DI 2020

Hi there and welcome to my DI 2020 blog post. I once again enjoyed DI and ended up with a really good team, Malaika, Emily, Jude, Anthony, Noah and me. We decided to choose improve for our challenge and were… Continue Reading →

Metaphor machines

Hey there, welcome back to my blog recently in scimatics we have been learning about electric circuits and metaphor machines. Let’s begin with the stepping stones. The first stepping stone we were assigned was junkyard wars where we grabbed random… Continue Reading →

Riel | Hero or Villain

Hey guys welcome back to my blog today I will be talking about our most recent humanities unit. Our first assignment was to find a current event that had a connection in some way to the indigenous. I found an… Continue Reading →

Confeder what? ………Confederation!

Hey there and welcome back to my blog post today I’m going to talk about our most recent humanities unit. For this unit we learned about the confederation of Canada and how all the colonies joined together. The first Milestone… Continue Reading →

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