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The Colourful 60s

Hey guys, welcome back to another blog post. In todays post i will be talking about the colourful fashion of the 1960s.

An Architectural Insight

Hey guys, welcome back to another post. In this post I will be explaining the structor and meanings of an Elizabethan theatre.    

The Mysterious Attack

Hey guys welcome back to another blog post. As you may know from my last project post we are creating podcasts this year. If you want to catchup on my podcast journey make sure to read my Greatest Canadian post… Continue Reading →

Kids during WWII

hey guys welcome back to my blog. With our new normal hybrid model at school we are doing a new project each 5 weeks for my PLP course. We are currently working on a new project that revolves around WWII…. Continue Reading →

Revisiting nationalism

Hey guys welcome back to my blog. In today’s blog I will be reflecting on the first week of quarter 2. Due to covid our school has changed the year to be in 4 quarters. In each quarter we have… Continue Reading →

Who is the Greatest Canadian?

Hey guys, welcome back to my blog. Today’s post will be about our second project so far this year. For this project we had to make podcasts. At first I thought I would do it about dance, but I then… Continue Reading →

Week 1

Hey guys welcome to my first weekly project blog post. This is a new thing that our class is doing now that we are in the final 3 years of high school. What I will be talking about in these… Continue Reading →

Project podcast

Hey guys, welcome back to my blog. This project has gone by fast. In only 5 weeks we have learnt more about identity and how to create a podcast and trailer. The end goal of this podcast was to create… Continue Reading →

What is Identity? What is my Identity?

What is my understanding of identity. Identity can be described different ways but the way I understand it is that identity is the way people describe themselves or categorize themselves. People identify themselves differently. For example categories, heritage, friends and… Continue Reading →

Blue Sky | 2020

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