How to help the water

For a while I have been working on a end of the year project, I had to create something to solve a problem and eventually present it. The problem I chose to solve had to be part of the UN sustainability program and I had to do a ton of research before even thinking about a solution. I started off with picking my top three problems, learning about them and choosing the one I liked the most and thought was the most intriguing.

The same as every other project I have done the project was broken into sections called milestones. This project had 5 milestones and I am going to tell you about what I learned from them and how it helped my project.

Milestone 1
the how might we pitch form (HMW) in this form I had to create a HMW question about the problem I had to solve and all the challenges that came with it. Before writing the form I had to brainstorm ideas with a mind map, Collaborate with a partner, sketch notes, or even just writing down everything that comes to mind. Then I had to come up with a question that I could answer wit my project, my question was How might we create a model of ocean pollution that would spread and encourage awareness.

HMW Form 2020

Milestone 2
this milestone had a lot of worksheets I had to fill out and I will go through each one. 1 I had to write down all the things I needed to know before I could even start attempting to build a prototype. 2 I had to create an action plan, the things I needed to finish on a timeline and all the goals I needed to achieve. 3 in this part of the milestone I had to learn how to use google quicker and easier and I also had to use MLA format to put all my sources in a document. 4 I have to do more brainstorming but this time for ideas to solve my problem. 5 lastly after coming up with a ton of ideas I had to simplify them so they weren’t to vague so that you couldn’t think of ideas to solve it and that it wasn’t to specific so that you could only think of 1 or 2 ways to solve it.

Milestone 3
Milestone 3 I had to write a parts form, this was a form that explained what I needed to make a prototype and what each part was for. I had to explain what my project was exactly was it visual, oral, or written and would it be a video, a speech, podcast, a book, or a 3D presentation. Then I had to explain all my goals to finish this project on time.

Milestone 4
This milestone was for creating the prototype, I started off with making a couple ideas of the prototype and drawing all of them so I could choose. After drawing some ideas I picked my favourite and started to get all of my materials then built a first draft it didn’t look very good and and it was pretty messy but it resembled what I wanted it to look like. Then after making the first draft I learned from my mistakes and created a better final prototype.

Milestone 5
this was the last milestone present and reflect, in a small group we had to come up with a story that had to do with our projects and we had to present it to an audience on zoom. The group we had all have a similar problem they want to solve but all of the answers and questions were very different.

My sustainability goal
There are 17 global goals and I chose 3 of my favourites to pick from. 1 no hunger 2 quality education 3 life below water. I think each of these goals were very interesting and important but I chose life below water because that problem makes me think about all of the things I could do to fix it.

This project was very difficult and interesting I had to come up with a solution to one of the biggest problems humans have and present it on a zoom call with hundreds of people some strangers and some class mates. My final prototype was a clear bin of water and sand at the bottom representing the ocean and a lot of small plastic things floating around to show how much pollution there really is in the ocean. Next to my mini representation of the ocean I would have a presentation of what you could to to help and a couple facts about ocean pollution.

Here is a picture of my project

Thank you for reading about my project I hope you enjoyed this blog post🧡

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