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guess what, I just finished that third and last project before winter break. This project that I just did was probably the most fun and entertaining that I have done yet, this year. we got to cut up old stuffies and sew them back together but with different parts of each stuffy, but because of coarse we need to learn in every project we connected the Frankenstuffies to the industrial Revolution. Now let me tell you about my learning journey. 

how do revolutions transform the world?

Revolutions transform the world by fundamentally changing the beliefs and ideas that life is based on through expansion and travel. that is my answer to the driving question. If you have never read my blog before, the driving question is a question that I have to answer throughout a project that I am working on. The driving question is something I have to think about every time we start a new part of the project. 

We started off this project with bringing in 2-3 stuffies you could also bring in more if you had more but 2 was the minimum. I have a lot of stuffies because I loved them as a kid so I brought in 6 I gave 2 away to people who didn’t have and then used parts of the rest. After everyone was settled with their stuffies we started to cut them apart, I cut off a Penguins head, a seals body, owl feet, and penguin wings. After everyone had their stuffy parts all in order we had to start sewing them together, lucky for me I know how to sew but a lot of people in my class don’t so our teacher showed us this video. 

Now that everyone had the idea of how to sew we all sewed our strange stuffies together. My stuffy was very strange looking it had all the parts that I listed off in the parts that I cut off, I named him Pengue, after the character in the kids show. Here is a picture of my beautiful creation. 

We had to create a story about our stuffy and the industrial revolution so we started by learn all about writing. As a class we read a couple short stories I can put the link to all of them here

The Sentry

Barney story

The Veldt

Wish You Were Here

After reading all of these stories we had find the beginning, middle, and end then we figured out the theme of the story as a class. After reading and analyzing short stories that other people had wrote we had to learn how to write our own. We used something called the 6+1 traits those are 

Ideas- the main idea, interesting details, showing not just telling, a clear purpose. 

Organization- eye catching start, a complete satisfying ending, arranged well, right amount of time in each part, easy to follow. 

Voice- author cares about the topic, strong feeling, original, has a personality, appropriate 

Word choice- strong verbs, use adjectives and adverbs, memorable words and phrases, accurate and effective

Sentence Fluency- varied sentence beginning, varied length and structure, expressive and easy to be read aloud, well structured, easy to understand

Conventions- punctuation, capitalization, paragraphing, spelling

Then the +1 is the presentation, how it looks and how it feels when you first see it. 

While we were learning how to write we did some writing practice. My teacher gave us a topic or picture to write about in around 10 minutes. In the first story we got a drawing of somebody’s house and we had to write a story bout the house/who lived in it. Here is my first story

Then the next story we had a strange picture to base it off of

This is the story I wrote for it

That was all I learned about writing and stories so next I learned about the industrial Revolution. I had to read a short book about the industrial Revolution in books the app here is the book you can read it if you would like. After reading about what the industrial Revolution is we learned about the vents during it, like the war of 1812, trade in china, and trade in japan. We took notes on all of. The subjects to help us with the understanding of the revolution and how it worked. 

We had to learn this for a reason right? Yes of coarse we did we learned this to write a story including the revolution and our Frankenstuffies. It was hard to come up with a story but I am actually really happy with how it turned out if you would like to read it click here. 

Now it might seem like that was the end of the project but no, we had to create a film that is based on our short story. the first thing we did for our film was to plan it, the planning started with a story spine this is what mine looked like. 

The we learned about screenplays, what they looked like how to organize them and what to put in them. Then lastly for the planning we made a story board, which is showing the timing, pictures, and what actions are going on in the film. My drawing are definitely not professional but it gets the point across. If you want to see all of those here is a number document with all of them.

Finally after all the planning I had to film the video. It took me a couple hours at home to get all the scenes and edit it so it would all make sense but in the end the film didn’t look to bad. Of coarse it is not the greatest thing I have created but for doing I all in one night I think the video looks pretty good and the sounds aren’t to shabby either. If you would like to see my film of Pengue’s Life here it is on my YouTube. 

If you would like to see the people’s blog posts who helped create my video go check them out Nya, and Amy

Thank you for going through my learning story with m I hope you liked my end product of Pengues life🧡

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  1. nolanf

    Dear Ryan

    I really enjoyed learning about this project, and the stuffy you made was really cute and terrifying at the same time.

    How did you get the stuffy to move in the video?

    Noot noot,

    1. ryanun

      Hi Nolanf
      I’m glad that you liked reading about this project and I’m super happy you like my Frankenstuffy!
      To make the stuffy move I just filmed it in front of a sheet I was using as a green screen, its a pretty simple way to make a new personalized background and still make a moving film.

  2. Judah (the epic cool man)

    I love all the photos and videos, nice grammar to! I also like the step by step tutorial aspect you put in to make a “frankenstuffy”, great job!

    1. ryanun

      Hi Judah
      I’m glad you like all the media I used it took a while to put all of it in! Thank you so much for reading my post,
      Happy blogging


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