Hey there! Welcome back to my blog! Today, we have a very special blog post to tell you about. This post is about the Personal Growth Plan(PGP). It’s like heath and career but in a different way. Anyways, let’s jump straight into it.

Before I tell you everything, I’ll explain about what PGP is. PGP is supposed to help us develop better habits and teach us about important things in life. At least that’s my definition of what it is. Everyday we wake up, we can look at something called a dream board, it reminds us of who we are. Here’s mine.

In PGP, we have different topics like Academic Growth Plan, Productivity, Goal Setting, and the 7 habits. Each of these has its own meanings. Academic growth plan is like a self assessment. You talk about your academic goals and try to work towards it. Productivity is prioritizing things that need to be finished. Time Blocking is a great way of doing that. Goal Setting is basically what it is. Making sure that your goals are achievable is a good start to your goals. Start with smaller goals and work towards the bigger ones.

For the 7 habits, they all have their own meaning and name. Habit 1 is be proactive, Habit 2 is Begin with the End in Mind, Habit 3 is Put First Things First, Habit 4 is Think Win-Win, Habit 5 is Seek first to Understand, Then to be Understood, Habit 6 is Synergy, and Habit 7 is Sharpen the Saw. All of these are explained in very very much detail in the book “7 Habits of Highly Effective Teens.” These 7 habits can help you achieve the things I listed above. Anyways let’s now talk about the project.

For my Project I created an animation to show people how important Habit 1 is. In the animation, it tells you that if you have a good Habit 1, the rest will come easier. For now, less of me talking, and more of you watching.

The animation that I created is something that I wanted to know before. If I knew to be more proactive, I could’ve probably done a lot more things that I wanted. An example would be upgrading to the next level in reffing. I was waiting and waiting and not making the moves. I thought, yeah, it eventually will come but it didn’t. I needed to work for it. 

PGP has taught me a lot about not only my everyday life, but things to work towards to create that everyday I have. I wish I had knew everything like productivity, goal setting, the 7 habits before we started this project. Not just Habit 1, but all of them. Anyways, that was my “Time Machine” project and hopefully you liked my animation. For now, I’ll see you next time.