Hello everyone for the last time. One last time. Anyways, welcome back to probably my last post ever. I have some more details in my TPol blog post on why I left PLP. Everything I said might not be true to everyone but it was a personal opinion. Moving on to the actual post, if you read the title, you’ll know it’s about the exhibition post. 

First off, we started with something called the launch process. This process helps us work our way towards our final product. The word L A U N C H contains one section each. Each of these section, we have to do special tasks to complete. Here is my launch journal that represents what I did to get to my final product.

So now your probably wondering what I created. Well, my goal that I wanted to achieve was to find a way to help people reduce food waste. This can be influential, or it can actually help in some way. For me, I decided to go with creating an app. Since coding and publishing an app would’ve been too hard(without a Mac), I decided to create a model of one. So my model included many features. It has a section where it allows you to see the food in your fridge, a section that allows you to scan the barcode and put the food into the fridge, a place where you can enter the expiry date, a categories section, a weekly report section, a section where it shows your expired food, and a setting section. How it works is when you scan the barcode, usually it has the expiry day for the food. If not, that’s when you manually put it in. When your food is about to expire, it will notify you 1-2 days before so you know when to eat it. The weekly reports shows the percentage of food that were wasted this week, the percentage of categories that are mostly wasted, and the percentage of healthy food. Here’s the model.

On the day of the exhibition, we had to meet with our group and set up our exhibition area. It was definitely a struggle since we only met the group once to plan things out. We usually get more classes to set up but since this time my group is in the hallway, we couldn’t set up till after school. What happens is people would walk around the school to see different peoples projects. Not gonna lie, a lot of people thought mine was a really good idea. For my group, which included three grade 8s and three grade 9s. We created a section called “PLP Home” because that represents our projects the most. Even if our area wasn’t the strongest, I had a really good time presenting my product. I’m the tall one by the way. Sorry Emerson.

Now let’s talk about some things that went well, and some that didn’t. Let’s start with the bad first and end with the good. So first, the one class that we got to work together as a whole group, we didn’t use that time the most efficient. We got distracted a lot and that wasn’t good. This led to our presentation area being kinda poor. Which wasn’t a good thing since you want your presentation area to be good so people come. Next is the sharing of table between Emerson and I. A lot of people thought we were one project. We couldn’t really do anything about it since there wasn’t enough tables but next time I will remember to use one table per person. So those were basically the bad ones. Now let’s talk about things that went well. There was really one thing for me and it’s probably the most important too. That is my project. I really enjoyed presenting my project since a lot of people liked it. They even said if this was an real app they would 100% use it. So that was really good for me.

Anyways, here we are, at the end of the last blog Post I’ll probably write about school. I might write blog posts for fun in the future so stay tuned. For now, peace.