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The Last Blue Sky Exhibition (For me)

Hello everyone for the last time. One last time. Anyways, welcome back to probably my last post ever. I have some more details in my TPol blog post on why I left PLP. Everything I said might not be true… Continue Reading →

A. Lot. Of. Clones.

Hello y’all! Welcome back to my blog! In this post, you’ll learn about cloning plants and cells. So, let’s jump straight into it. In our project in science this year, we’ve been learning about cloning plants. We later looked deeper… Continue Reading →


Hello! Welcome another blog post! In this post, you’ll be reading about math and it’s very own polynomials. Like terms will also be in this post. So let’s get straight into it. In Scimatics, we had a driving question the… Continue Reading →

mPol #2

Well, here we go again. Before I start, I just want to say welcome to my blog! Anyways, that’s not the main reason(no offence). The main reason is about mPols. Well, if you don’t know what it is, I’ll explain… Continue Reading →


Hello and welcome back to another blog post! In this post, it’s going to be about science. More specifically, it’s going to be about elements. Now I’m going to keep this real short so let’s get into it. In science,… Continue Reading →

The Art of Coding

Hello and welcome back to my blog! In this blog post we will be talking about the week 9 student blogging challenge! If haven’t read my previous blog post s about my other weekly challenges, make sure you read them… Continue Reading →

Kids at Work?

Hi, welcome to my blog! In this blog post, I will be talking about something called take your kids to work day. We also did a project on this day as well. Let’s jump straight into it. First things first…. Continue Reading →

The Story of Emojis

Hello and welcome back to another student blogging challenge. In the past three weeks, we’ve been doing other challenges. To see my previous week’s challenge feel free to visite my blog post. Anyways, week four is all about emojis. We… Continue Reading →

Quality Comments

Hi, my name is Sam. I’ve been doing something called the blogging challenge. This post is about the Week 2 Challenges. One of my challenges is to write quality comments on other people’s posts. If you want to know about… Continue Reading →

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