Hello! Welcome another blog post! In this post, you’ll be reading about math and it’s very own polynomials. Like terms will also be in this post. So let’s get straight into it.

In Scimatics, we had a driving question the question is how do we organize and combine similar objects in the physical world and the mathematical world? Well for my project, I was partnered up with Izzy. We created a stat sheet for baseball that allows the audience to understand which team or which player did better. We also created a small commercial about our product. Here’s our commercial:

So let’s now dive in for a closer look of our project. The Stat-O-Matic we call it. This sheet allows you to keep track of the hits throughout the game of baseball your watching. For example, when someone hits a single, you’ll put a tally in the Single box. Same goes or every other section. At the end, you create a polynomial to see which team did better.

Now I want to talk about the curricular competencies. These are the things we get marked on and the things that we thought we did well on.

Visualize to explore mathematical concepts:

I think we showed the correct mathematical equation in our project. At the end of the game, you have to combine like terms or do it continually throughout the game. We have both positive and negative numbers in our project and showed the final solution at the end.

Connect mathematical concepts to each other and to other areas and personal interests:

Since my partner(Izzy) and I both like sports, we decided base our project around baseball(see what I did there, base and baseball). We both didn’t understand why the stats in baseball are really complicated so we decided to use like terms and polynomials to make it easier to understand.

Communicate Mathematical thinking in different ways:

This is something we needed to work on in our project. We did have a video as a presentation but didn’t really connect math in any other ways other than baseball. We didn’t really use the mathematical terms and I think we need to use those words better.

Now as always in Scimatics, we have to create a mind map to show the things we learned. So here’s mine!

Anyways, this is the end to this post, and I’ll see you next time.