Hi, welcome to my blog! In this post, it’s going to be all about Destination Imagination or DI. Before I tell you everything about it, I’ll briefly explain what it is. 

Destination Imagination is a program/tournament that helps improve kids’ creativity. There are different challenges that you have to solve. You’re team manager(Most likely your parents or teacher) will put you into teams. You have to work together with your team to solve the challenge assigned to you. On the day of the tournament, you’ll be competing against other teams to see who’s solution is most creative and best.


Before I tell you everything that my team did, I’ll explain to you my challenge. First, I’ll tell you my team. My team includes Jason, Amelia, Caleb, Alex, and I. For our challenge, we chose the scientific challenge for this year. Our challenge was to create and present a story that shows a effect of an disease with at least 1 symptom and diagnosis. In our story, we also had to show a scene from 2 different perspectives. We had to create a sympt-o-matic, which is the machine that shows the symptoms. Each team is required to include 2 team Choice elements. Team Choice Elements can be anything the team is good at.

Now this year, we didn’t have as much time as the previous years. If you feel like reading my DI posts from last year feel free to do that. Anyways, this year, our time was limited to about 1 and a half to 2 month. It may seem to be a lot but it really isn’t. We had to build, think, create and do all sorts of stuff that takes ages.

Enough about all the random stuff. Let’s talk about my team’s solution. For our disease, we chose something called Musical Hallucinations. Musical Hallucinations is basically when you hear sounds that no one else hears except for you. It can be simple sounds like ringing our it can be as complicated as melodies. That was the disease we chose. Now let’s talk about the sympt-o-matic. For our sympt-o-matic, we created a brain with each part that the disease effects. We also had lights indicating where it is. That was basically what we created. Now I won’t tell you everything about the story because we got ours filmed so you can watch it.

On the day of the tournament, something else happens other than presenting our solution. There’s something called the instant challenge. Since I’m not allowed to tell you what the challenges are till May, I explain to you what we do. The instant challenge is a challenge that you and your team have to solve within the amount of time given. You then have time to present your solution to the appraisers. The instant challenge is worth 25% of your total score. At the end, the team with the most score wins.

Another Regional tournament has finished now and I want to reflect on how we did. First, I’ll start off with things that went well. One thing that went well was the memorization of the script and our story. We got a lot of laughs from the crowd and it was good. I’d like to think our instant challenge went well even though we didn’t finish first. Some things to improve on is our sympt-o-matic and our double vision. We need to make the sympt-o-matic more appealing by adding colour and actually show the outside as well as the inside. For our double vision, we need to create better stage blocking so it makes more sense. Overall, we came 3rd which is a pretty good finish so I was happy. At Provincials, we hope to make these changes and do even better.